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How German Deal With Used Battery

In order to strengthen the management of used battery, the German implementation of the management of waste battery recycling new requirements. Provision requires that consumers will use the end of the dry battery, button battery and other types of battery to the store or recycling waste recycling, waste recycling shops and unconditional acceptance of used battery, and transferred to manufacturers for recycling Lenovo 3000 N500 battery.

It is estimated that worldwide there are 32 billion each year is discarded used battery, only Germany is necessary to consume an average of 10 battery per year, totaling about 30,000 tons, a large number of discarded used battery on the soil damage to the environment are serious. German environmental sector for the new regulations could put an end to throw used battery of the phenomenon, is still not sure, because before, waste recycling and recovery of manufacturers is generally contain cadmium, mercury toxic chemical constituents of cells, and 90% of the ordinary zinc-carbon Lenovo Ideapad Y430 battery and aluminum-magnesium battery are used as a solid waste landfill or incineration.

According to the German Environment Ministry statistics, Germany’s annual recovery of the toxicity of nickel-cadmium battery with only 1 / 3, and 2 / 3 of the battery used as a municipal solid waste each year of mercury into the environment, about 8 tons, 400 tons of nickel, cadmium 400 t. In general, make the distinction between ordinary consumers in their lives of toxic battery or non-toxic battery and deal with them is difficult, so the new provision requires shops and assume responsibility for waste recycling. Ministry of Environment, a new way of thinking Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 battery is toxic nickel-cadmium battery and mercury battery to implement a deposit system, that consumers buy every cell contains a deposit of 15 marks, when consumers take old battery to change, the price can be deducted from the deposit.

Magdeburg peri-urban areas are being built a “wet processing” devices, where the addition to lead-acid battery, the various types of cells were dissolved in sulfuric acid, and then using ion resin extracted from the solution of various metal objects, using materials obtained in this way pure than the heat treatment method, so a higher price in the market, and the battery contains 95% of the various Lenovo ThinkPad R400 battery (14-inch wide) substances can be extracted. Wet processing can be avoided sorting areas (because the sorting is a manual operation, will increase the cost). Magdeburg annual processing capacity of this device up to 7500 tons, which means that while the cost is slightly higher than the landfill, but the precious raw materials will not be discarded, it will not pollute the environment.

German Duarte’s vacuum heat treatment developed in France but also cheaper, but that first need to sort out the waste battery, nickel-cadmium battery, used battery by heating in a vacuum, in which the rapid evaporation of mercury can be recovered, and then the remaining Lenovo ThinkPad T400 battery (14-inch wide) ingredients ground, using magnets to extract metals iron, and then extract the powder from the remaining nickel and manganese. This process one ton of waste battery costs less than 1500 marks.

How Switzerland and America Deal With Used Battery

There are two specialized processing and utilization of the old battery factory Batelieke companies to adopt the method is to grind the old battery, and then sent to the furnace heating, then can be extracted out of volatile mercury, zinc, when the temperature is also higher evaporation, which is also precious metals. After the fusion of iron and manganese into manganese alloy steel required Lenovo 3000 Y500 battery . The plant can process 2,000 tons a year of waste battery, available 780 tons of manganese ferroalloys, 400 tons of zinc alloy and 3 tons of mercury. The other plant is extracted directly from the battery-iron, and manganese oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and a mixture of nickel oxide and other metal to sell as scrap metal directly.

However, the heat treatment method more expensive, Switzerland, also provides buyers to each of the battery charge a small fee for exclusive processing of waste Lenovo IdeaPad Y330 battery.

Environmental management of waste battery in the legislation up to the smallest one country, not only established a sound battery recycling system, but also established a number of waste Lenovo K42 battery treatment plant, while tirelessly to provide public education for the public to consciously support and with the recycling of waste battery.

How Japan Deal With Used Battery

Hokkaido mountains Nomura Kosan Co., Ltd. is a major business deal with waste laptop battery and waste fluorescent lamps treatment, there are 110 employees. Built this way is due to here is found in Japan’s first water-silver. Nomura Kosan acquisition of waste each year from the national electricity 13,000 tons, accounting for 20% of discarded battery to collect 93% of the way through the non-governmental environmental protection organizations to collect, and 7% through the factory to collect. The business carried out in 1985 and, at present, the amount of purification has been on the rise. In the past, mainly to reclaim the Lenovo 3000 G530 battery mercury, through the high-temperature (600 ~ 700 ℃) so that the mercury emissions from burning incinerator to exclude the collection, but the battery is no longer mercury in Japan, and on the main battery recycling steel and one of the “black” raw materials , and a second product development and manufacturing, such as one of the products can be used in the TV picture tube. Processing costs, to up to 80 yen / kg, produced a profit depends largely on used battery charged before it is processed (mainly manufacturing) and the secondary use of the product Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 battery value, the latter of which is the key. The recovery of battery required to take up a lot of space, Nomura Kosan is a private enterprise, the Japanese government has not put a penny to it, but the Japanese Battery Industry Association, provided great help, and the coordination of major Japanese manufacturers make some financial compensation. Annual processing capacity of up to 16,000 tons. Another waste fluorescent lamps in the extraction of up to 40 tons of mercury a year, while the demand for a year in Japan is only 20 tons, can be achieved in this regard completely recyclable, but also to ensure that Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 battery profits.

Other cells, such as lead-acid battery, Japan could achieve 100% recycling, rechargeable battery and cell phone battery are also being adopted by manufacturers with the active, in particular, is a recovery of cobalt lithium-ion battery profitable. Through investigation, the combination of the actual situation of our country, I think first of all, we must resolutely implement the nine ministries and commissions on the restriction of the provisions of mercury in battery as soon as possible for China’s mercury-free battery, a battery of harmful ingredients will be the environmental impact of mercury in by industry, law enforcement, manufacturers strive to minimize, followed by various propaganda means to enhance the environmental awareness of citizens to carry out battery recycling and burial, set up waste battery recycling system. There is the state encourages recycling technology research in order to achieve as soon as possible after the recycling and reuse Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 battery. As for the profit-making can take a variety of ways, such as sharing to consumers, developing a market for products and so on.

T6600 Core + G105M Independent Graphics Only 4350 RMB

ThinkPad SL series is designed for small and medium enterprises and business users to tailor a personal 15-inch notebook. This series of notebooks has outstanding industry-leading performance and additional features, its 16:9 HD display, LED backlight, as well as VibrantView and glare technology to provide users with an excellent Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 battery visual experience. Present models ThinkPad SL510 284765C in a hot laptop sales.

ThinkPad SL510 284765C laptops are still using the black piano paint, filling steady fashion, design lines, bold tough, angular, filling business style Lenovo K42 battery. The classic Little Red Riding Hood design is preserved. Total Weight 2.48 kilograms. The display is 15.6 inches, the ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 1366 * 768 high-definition LED backlight technology. In addition, this new product also includes a new multi-touch touchpad for the implementation of some common Lenovo L3000 G230 battery browser actions, such as pictures zoom in, zoom, and rotation.

Configuration ThinkPad SL510 284765C notebook equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo P7570 processor (2.26GHz frequency / 3MB 2 Cache / 1066MHz FSB), Intel PM45 + ICH9M chipset, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB SATA hard drive, DVD burner, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 discrete graphics card. Windows 7 pre-installed operating system Lenovo ThinkPad R400 battery (14-inch wide).

Interface aspects of the aircraft has three USB2.0 interface, an eSATA port, a VGA port, 1 RJ-45 interface, a set of audio inputs and outputs, an ExpressCard slot, as well as 7-in-1 card reader, a group of microphone input interface, power supply interface Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 battery. Built-in 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet network cards, wireless communication with a ThinkPad 802.11b/g/n wireless network card. Life context, the model using four-cell lithium battery-powered, the official nominal life time of up to 3 hours, the specific time determined by the work environment.

Add Comments: ThinkPad SL510 Lenovo ThinkPad T400 battery (14-inch wide) is for small and medium enterprises and business users to tailor individual product lines, and the configuration balanced, open to interested consumers have to look at!

ThinkPad propaganda style all their own: Show up as Bus Folding Seat

In order to showcase their latest models to business customers a solid ThinkPad notebooks feature Lenovo in Germany to reposition itself in a style all their own: let them into the buses folding chairs.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad T400 battery (14-inch wide) .)

Coincides with Lenovo Roadshows held in Germany. According to the German advertising agency Ogilvy Frankfurt propose ideas, Lenovo in the center station, the airport waiting for buses, trams are installed on such a few folding chairs in the customer brought to the venue while allowing them to experience some ThinkPad The all-metal enclosure, anti-shock hard drive protection, waterproof keyboard security features. Of course, you can bend over and use them on a network or something, get tired, they sit down and rest.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 battery .)

But, do not sit too long, be careful of burning.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad R400 battery (14-inch wide) .)

Battery Charge Management: Flexibility is the key – 8

To reduce power consumption and energy conservation is an important way to turn off the circuit board for the unused portion, and the load is low, reducing the power consumed by IC. PowerManagerII highly integrated programmable voltage monitor IC devices to integrate into a device which can help reduce system cost and improve reliability. (Click here to buy Lenovo Ideapad Y430 battery .)

For example, PowerManagerII1220AT8 monitoring of up to 12 circuit board power supplies, providing up to 20 open-drain (open-drain) outputs and 8 digital outputs DC-DCtrim/margin. The use of on-chip 48 macrocell CPLD and four programmable timer, the device generates a CPU reset signal, including pulse tailing and power failures interrupted. 20 There are four outputs can be configured for high-voltage MOSFET drivers. There are six general-purpose digital inputs can be used for other control functions.(Click here to buy Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 battery .)

An advantage of this design is that they can use in any power-sensitive as the standard platform power management solutions. Across platforms and product lines to establish such a standard solution obtained by the efficiency of obvious, from the design time and the required quantity of devices can be realized. For low power consumption and demand for energy-saving devices in the past few years greatly increased, and this trend will continue, it is expected that an integrated, programmable power management devices will be more widely used.(Click here to buy Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 battery .)

Lattice plans to the next generation of power management devices to improve integration and includes more features, not only can support power management, but also enables the management of the circuit board itself. Its function will be expanded to include temperature monitoring, fan control, NV error log, the user logic and system interfaces. In addition to power management products, the company also offers a range of low-power programmable logic devices, including ispMACH4000KZE ultra-low-power CPLD and LatticeECP3FPGA series, which is only about the cost and power consumption of other FPGA with SERDES features half.(Click here to buy Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 battery .)

Battery Charge Management: Flexibility is the key – 7

Integrated programmable logic devices using high-power management(Click here to buy Lenovo E42 battery .)

Energy-saving design of the most serious challenge is to use the microprocessor to manage the power supply. Microprocessors are not optimized for power management, they must deal with too many instructions, and the reaction time is slow, and may lead to thermal breakdown, as well as sudden and even catastrophic circuit boards and system failures. Although the use of microprocessor power management has been the traditional approach, but using logic, power management devices faster and more reliable.(Click here to buy Lenovo IdeaPad U330 battery .)

Lattice Semiconductor in April 2009 launched PowerManagerII series of new products, POWR1220AT8 for power monitoring, repair and voltage measurements provide an excellent solution for programmable devices that can replace the reset generator, control IC, watchdog timer device, sequencing / tracking and hot-plug integrated circuits and many other IC, to provide users with the necessary tools and functionality to meet the large-scale base stations, high-end servers and small single-board computer systems such as the green standard of energy-saving requirements. Depending on the design, energy-saving effect of different, but the energy-saving 30% are not uncommon.(Click here to buy Lenovo IdeaPad Y330 battery .)

Battery Charge Management: Flexibility is the key – 6

In a notebook designs, engineers on the charge management IC designs attach great importance, otherwise the event of problems will cost a lot of time and energy engineers, so early detection of problems in research and development is critical. Wang Yun said, Fujitsu addition to the evaluation board for the client systems evaluations, has also developed a laptop power supply design evaluation system, through the system, as long as the customer to provide a complete circuit can be of any problems that may occur prior to a complete inspection, thereby helping to reduce development risk.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad R51 battery .)

Last year, the global financial tsunami occurred in the second half of consumer electronics products for a huge blow, “but we are delighted to find that consumer electronics has been ahead of the overall economy started to recover.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad R500 battery .)

In particular, benefited from state subsidies for household appliances to the countryside policies, notebook computers and LCD TVs the rapid warming and other markets. “Wang Yun said. “Next year we will continue to increase in the power management IC R & D investment, will be offered for the whole new generation of charge management products. (Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad R50 battery .)

In recent years the continuous development of new energy technologies, high-profile battery technology, lithium batteries / lithium iron batteries will also be will be applied to more product offerings, from the power management IC point of view, more secure, high-precision, multi-protection function, the external communication functions, cell balancing function and multiple sets of charging and discharging the battery voltage input and so on will be a wide battery management technology development trend of the future. “(Click here to buy IBM laptop battery .)

Battery Charge Management: Flexibility is the key – 5

He believes that portable devices such as cell phone chargers charger is a relatively mature and stable market, domestic producers are mostly relevant to manufacturing-based, technology development, the power is relatively weak.And the charger itself is commodity nowadays, and manufacturers relatively great pressure on cost control, acceptance of new technologies is also relatively low.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad T500 battery .)

In recent years, because the public awareness of environmental protection, government and various environmental organizations, agencies, including the cell phone makers themselves, have raised a number of environmental standards related to energy-saving charger, for example, the letter issued by the Ministry of the Chinese workers, “mobile phones and recharge converters and interface technology requirements and test methods “(YD/T1591-2006), Energy Star EPS2.0, mobile phone charger grading standards, etc., are all aimed at reducing the waste of resources, improve energy efficiency and reduce empty weight. The introduction of these standards to a large extent driven charger products, technological innovations.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad T40 battery .)

“Chinese manufacturers face major difficulties is the designer’s technical practice, the charge was not able to fully grasp the design requirements of charge.” Wang Yun said, “At the same Gejia charge management IC features different users of the new lack of understanding of product design was not approachable. The solution mainly depend on charge-management IC manufacturers to increase the market of products and technologies, to provide multi-faceted designer technical support to enable designers to quickly grasp the design of Charge Management technology. “(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad R60 battery .)

Battery Charge Management: Flexibility is the key – 4

Increasingly diverse input power

With the increasing diversity of people’s living environment can be used for battery charging power supplies are becoming increasingly diverse, in addition to other traditional 220VAC adapter, users can also hopes to keep power through the USB interface or a vehicle for various devices such as battery charging, In addition, there are user requirements in the device while charging can continue to use its features, so the device need to be more flexible charge management circuitry to accommodate a wider range of application environments.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1100 battery .)

Clearly, the new requirements to the system manufacturers greater challenge. “The challenge comes from the first charge-management IC require a wider operating voltage range, thus requiring the use of higher voltage semiconductor process to carry out the chip design.” Wang Yun said, “The second challenge is to ask the IC can be on different input power to make corresponding adjustments, as well as battery charging and system power consumption can make a certain amount of management. “Fujitsu MB39A132/134 his charge management IC for example, explains, through the distribution of the dynamic input current to ensure that the system power consumption and battery charging can simultaneously hold.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad Z60m battery .)

As the AC adapter / USB / Car power supply provided by the voltage and current are not the same, while the rechargeable battery voltage and sessions are not quite the same, when the charging voltage is higher than the supply voltage can be carried out through step-up charge, so that rise and fall Pressure charge management IC on the market have not seen. (Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad X61 battery .)

In addition, the equipment working at the same time charge, demand charge management IC have a good anti-jamming design, keeping in mind that in the case of low battery voltage, charge current is greater than the discharge current to ensure that, to avoid “make ends meet,” to happen. “From the charging IC design point of view, the current challenges include: (Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad X60 battery .)

1, how to further improve the conversion efficiency and lower standby charging power;
2, how to effectively manage multi-channel power supply and load;
3, how to improve the charging rate at the same time to ensure the safety of battery life; 4, how to further expand charging control method of flexible configuration in order to adapt to different types of battery charging requirements. “Xin Wu added.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad W500 battery .)