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How German Deal With Used Battery

In order to strengthen the management of used battery, the German implementation of the management of waste battery recycling new requirements. Provision requires that consumers will use the end of the dry battery, button battery and other types of battery to the store or recycling waste recycling, waste recycling shops and unconditional acceptance of used battery, and transferred to manufacturers for recycling Lenovo 3000 N500 battery.

It is estimated that worldwide there are 32 billion each year is discarded used battery, only Germany is necessary to consume an average of 10 battery per year, totaling about 30,000 tons, a large number of discarded used battery on the soil damage to the environment are serious. German environmental sector for the new regulations could put an end to throw used battery of the phenomenon, is still not sure, because before, waste recycling and recovery of manufacturers is generally contain cadmium, mercury toxic chemical constituents of cells, and 90% of the ordinary zinc-carbon Lenovo Ideapad Y430 battery and aluminum-magnesium battery are used as a solid waste landfill or incineration.

According to the German Environment Ministry statistics, Germany’s annual recovery of the toxicity of nickel-cadmium battery with only 1 / 3, and 2 / 3 of the battery used as a municipal solid waste each year of mercury into the environment, about 8 tons, 400 tons of nickel, cadmium 400 t. In general, make the distinction between ordinary consumers in their lives of toxic battery or non-toxic battery and deal with them is difficult, so the new provision requires shops and assume responsibility for waste recycling. Ministry of Environment, a new way of thinking Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 battery is toxic nickel-cadmium battery and mercury battery to implement a deposit system, that consumers buy every cell contains a deposit of 15 marks, when consumers take old battery to change, the price can be deducted from the deposit.

Magdeburg peri-urban areas are being built a “wet processing” devices, where the addition to lead-acid battery, the various types of cells were dissolved in sulfuric acid, and then using ion resin extracted from the solution of various metal objects, using materials obtained in this way pure than the heat treatment method, so a higher price in the market, and the battery contains 95% of the various Lenovo ThinkPad R400 battery (14-inch wide) substances can be extracted. Wet processing can be avoided sorting areas (because the sorting is a manual operation, will increase the cost). Magdeburg annual processing capacity of this device up to 7500 tons, which means that while the cost is slightly higher than the landfill, but the precious raw materials will not be discarded, it will not pollute the environment.

German Duarte’s vacuum heat treatment developed in France but also cheaper, but that first need to sort out the waste battery, nickel-cadmium battery, used battery by heating in a vacuum, in which the rapid evaporation of mercury can be recovered, and then the remaining Lenovo ThinkPad T400 battery (14-inch wide) ingredients ground, using magnets to extract metals iron, and then extract the powder from the remaining nickel and manganese. This process one ton of waste battery costs less than 1500 marks.

How Japan Deal With Used Battery

Hokkaido mountains Nomura Kosan Co., Ltd. is a major business deal with waste laptop battery and waste fluorescent lamps treatment, there are 110 employees. Built this way is due to here is found in Japan’s first water-silver. Nomura Kosan acquisition of waste each year from the national electricity 13,000 tons, accounting for 20% of discarded battery to collect 93% of the way through the non-governmental environmental protection organizations to collect, and 7% through the factory to collect. The business carried out in 1985 and, at present, the amount of purification has been on the rise. In the past, mainly to reclaim the Lenovo 3000 G530 battery mercury, through the high-temperature (600 ~ 700 ℃) so that the mercury emissions from burning incinerator to exclude the collection, but the battery is no longer mercury in Japan, and on the main battery recycling steel and one of the “black” raw materials , and a second product development and manufacturing, such as one of the products can be used in the TV picture tube. Processing costs, to up to 80 yen / kg, produced a profit depends largely on used battery charged before it is processed (mainly manufacturing) and the secondary use of the product Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 battery value, the latter of which is the key. The recovery of battery required to take up a lot of space, Nomura Kosan is a private enterprise, the Japanese government has not put a penny to it, but the Japanese Battery Industry Association, provided great help, and the coordination of major Japanese manufacturers make some financial compensation. Annual processing capacity of up to 16,000 tons. Another waste fluorescent lamps in the extraction of up to 40 tons of mercury a year, while the demand for a year in Japan is only 20 tons, can be achieved in this regard completely recyclable, but also to ensure that Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 battery profits.

Other cells, such as lead-acid battery, Japan could achieve 100% recycling, rechargeable battery and cell phone battery are also being adopted by manufacturers with the active, in particular, is a recovery of cobalt lithium-ion battery profitable. Through investigation, the combination of the actual situation of our country, I think first of all, we must resolutely implement the nine ministries and commissions on the restriction of the provisions of mercury in battery as soon as possible for China’s mercury-free battery, a battery of harmful ingredients will be the environmental impact of mercury in by industry, law enforcement, manufacturers strive to minimize, followed by various propaganda means to enhance the environmental awareness of citizens to carry out battery recycling and burial, set up waste battery recycling system. There is the state encourages recycling technology research in order to achieve as soon as possible after the recycling and reuse Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 battery. As for the profit-making can take a variety of ways, such as sharing to consumers, developing a market for products and so on.

New energy vehicles automotive with lithium battery emerge-4

According to Roland Berger predicted that by 2020 will be the major markets in Western Europe, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will be more than 3 million annual battery sales, China ranked second to reach 1.58 million Lenovo ThinkPad i1210 battery units.

With the plug-in hybrids, electric cars all the relevant components, the Roland Berger predicts that by 2020, the battery components in the global market share in the largest share of the market size in 9600000000-297 euros between. Now that the Chinese suppliers and Japan, South Korea, North America, Europe, the supplier has a significant cost advantage compared to Lenovo ThinkPad i1200 battery, so in the future the standard battery in quality, longevity and price differences will become increasingly smaller.

Roland Berger believes that demand for electric vehicle batteries will be the future of lithium the main source of output growth is expected by 2020 there will be eye-catching 70% of the average annual compound growth rate. Despite the significant growth in demand, but because of higher reserves, experts do not believe that the production of lithium will be a shortage Lenovo ThinkPad i1100 battery, but there might be a price increase in the risk of a temporary existence.

New energy vehicles automotive with lithium battery emerge-3

The State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research Department, Feng Fei energy experts believe that the two sides are expected to take the lead in the field of electric vehicles for cooperation, China’s Xinhua (600,795, stock bar) moving car has a huge market and low-cost manufacturing advantage, However, the overall level of the automotive industry, industrial technology, infrastructure Lenovo ThinkPad i1271 battery was not enough, the United States is precisely in this area has a great advantage, so the two sides take the lead in the field of electric vehicles to launch a new type of automotive products, will become a reality.

Automotive Li-ion batteries next year doubling

As the environment-friendly vehicles on a global scale are sought after, hybrid and electric cars sells the next few years, automotive lithium battery market will expand rapidly. Fuji Institute of Economic Research reported that after 2010 cars lithium battery market will quickly recover and continue to expand Lenovo ThinkPad i1260 battery. The report predicts that by 2014, global battery manufacturers than the amount of total shipments in 2008 increased 45.2%, to 6.2392 trillion yen. Among them, rechargeable battery market will be extended to 4.9983 trillion yen, an increase of 66.8%. It is worth mentioning that the needs of the automotive industry will become the main engine battery market expansion is expected in 2009 automotive lithium battery shipments will amount to ¥ 10,400,000,000 in 2008, based on double to ¥ 25,000,000,000; By 2014, the market size will rapidly expand Lenovo ThinkPad i1250 battery to 2.25 trillion yen, is about 215 times in 2008.

International management consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy on global prospects for new energy vehicles the latest research report predicts that by 2020 China’s electric power drive assembly parts and components market worth 10 billion euros Chao, of which 2011, 2014 and 2017 the market value of 600 million Lenovo ThinkPad i1241 battery, respectively, 2.4 billion and 56 billion euros, the estimated market value of the middle in 2020 will reach 6.5 billion euros, even a conservative estimate will reach 2.4 billion euros. Based on the forecast the next 10 years, Chinese enterprises in the future hybrid and electric vehicle developments in the field have an advantage, in particular, the core components, including battery developments in the field has great potential because the Chinese enterprises have the raw material Lenovo ThinkPad i1230 battery cost advantages, manufacturing equipment and labor cost advantage.

New energy vehicles automotive with lithium battery emerge-2

CITIC Securities (600.03 thousand, stock bar) auto industry analyst Cheng believes that this concept of some new energy battery companies, such as Shanshangufen (600,884, stock bar), Jiangsu Guotai (002,091, stock bar), etc. battery production businesses to benefit from more, but for the entire auto sector in particular, SAIC, FAW and other large ThinkPad i1361 battery automobile companies little effect. Energy vehicles would be more car industry and its upstream segment of the cell concept the company have some impact. March release, “the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan” submitted in 2011 to form a production capacity of 500,000 short-term goal, which is currently more than 1300 million units for the production of the automobile industry is concerned, a very small proportion of new energy vehicles. For their own smaller battery companies to the past, mainly the supply of mobile phones, computers and other battery-shift production of motive power batteries, 500,000 will be a tremendous volume of business, therefore, the emergence of new Lenovo ThinkPad i1351 battery energy concepts will greatly enhance the performance of these enterprises .

As early as March 2009 “issued by the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization of planning” in response to new energy vehicles in the electric car, Development and Reform Commission had been clearly put forward in 2011 to form a production capacity of 500,000 short-term goal. It is understood that electric vehicles, power batteries, electric motors, Lenovo ThinkPad i1300 battery power electronics, the cost of key components, accounting for the cost of electric vehicle 30% -50%. Based on the calculation 500,000 electric vehicles an annual production value is expected to reach 1,000 billion yuan.

Previously, the two countries issued a joint statement in Beijing, the two sides agreed in the next five years, Sino-US Joint Research Center of clean energy investment of at least 150 million U.S. dollars, priority research topics will be clean cars. The market believes that the Sino-US Joint Declaration on cooperation in such new Lenovo ThinkPad i130 battery energy sources, digital, relatively rare in history, the new energy vehicles are expected to form a substantial positive plate.

New energy vehicles automotive with lithium battery emerge-1

Increasingly urgent issue of climate change, Copenhagen’s ability to achieve control of IBM Thinkpad R500 battery temperature rise within 2 ℃ goal is related to the serious problem of human existence,. It is generally expected, and Costa will be the focus of the participating countries will focus on specific emission reduction commitments, analysts believe that this will contribute directly to the new energy battery industry and the development of green lighting.

New Energy Battery Industry: benefits of new energy vehicle development program

According to media reports, the National Development and Reform Commission automobile the team leader Wang Shulin, has revealed “new energy vehicle development program” has been submitted to the State Council, is expected to formally promulgated in March 2010. In addition, the state departments will also be launched next year, the development of new energy vehicles for the five supporting measures. Analysts believe that new energy battery industry will be more benefit from the concept of new Lenovo ThinkPad i1391 battery vehicles.

The new energy vehicles will be introduced in March next year

While the concept of new energy market, stir-fried, at the policy level came good constantly. Recently held in Nanchang, the new energy vehicles and lithium-ion batteries feature forums, the National Development and Reform Commission automobile team leader Wang Shu-lin said that China will soon release new energy vehicles, technical specification, and the new Lenovo ThinkPad i1370 battery vehicle development plan submitted by the Development and Reform Commission the State Council, was formally promulgated in March next year.

Laptop Battery Explosion Accedents

Popularity of notebook computers and mobile office needs of increasing battery life is also more frequent. Factors affecting consumer laptop battery usage time is not long enough, and security is not guaranteed that two aspects of consumers are most concerned about.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1260 battery .)

The recent “laptop battery door” event, the  Three Dell gient Dell, Toshiba, Toshiba, Lenovo Lenovo, ThinkPad, HP, Apple, Acer, Acer, Samsung, LG and so on successively provoke “fire” upper body.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1250 battery .)

Let’s review briefly list the battery caught fire explosion

★ 2006 Nian 4 month, Hewlett-Packard announced a potential fire risks 15700 batteries were recalled, did not disclose the specific reasons for the battery hidden and production side.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1241 battery .)
★ 2006 Nian 8 month, Dell announced the worldwide recall of 4.1 million batteries manufactured by Sony, involving a variety of computer models of Dell’s 20.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1230 battery .)
★ 2006 Nian 9 months, one manufactured by Lenovo, the ThinkPad model T43 notebook computers in the United States Los Angeles International Airport caught fire, Japan’s Sony Corp., confirmed the use of its own production of laptop battery.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1210 battery .)
★ 2006 Nian 10 months, using the Sony laptop battery Lenovo notebooks in the country led to Beijing Normal University dormitory fire. Cause of the fire given the school is the user did not disconnect the laptop to leave the charger plug, due to charging time is too long causes high tempreture.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1200 battery .)
★ 2007 Nian 5 month, Toshiba indicated that the company is equipped with laptop battery fire occurred in the recent accident, caused the accident is Sony’s battery modules, and recommends that users replace the batteries as soon as possible.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1100 battery .)
★ 2007 Nian 9 months, Shanghai a user a Dell laptop battery exploded burning, after Dell Computer China, the spokesman confirmed that the explosion of laptop batteries are hidden after a fire has been recalled due to the presence of the column model.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad Z60m battery .)
★ 2008 Nian 1 month, a South Korean reporter covering the use of LG laptop exploded and caught fire. LG said that after an investigation since the explosion was caused due to unexpected high temperatures. LG has also received feedback from another user laptop battery melts for no reason, and decided to stop selling the laptops, but does not include product model.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad X61 battery .)
★ 2008 Nian 2 months, Samsung P10 laptop battery melts due to the fires. Samsung has not yet announced the reasons, saying that is still under investigation.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad X60 battery .)
★ 2009 Nian 6 months, notebook computers for baby to play music, the battery had suddenly burst. The afternoon of June 3, lives in Guangzhou, Tianhe District, Happy Valley Gardens, Ms. Qiu experience Cry scene, fortunately casualties. Apple notebook maker claimed that, after the battery explosion was not identified quality problems, but would be willing to “customer satisfaction” starting to replace hardware.(Click here to buy IBM Thinkpad W500 battery .)

Battery Misusing 6 – Keep charging after full capacity

Wrong information: To charge the battery when the electrical impulse adjourned after filling a full 2 hours, this is conducive to increasing the battery saturation.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i130 battery .)

Truth: laptop battery protection circuit in general have had power, full power will automatically cut off the charging circuit, power supply equipment only for notebooks, even if the battery and then charge 10 hours to no effect.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1271 battery .)

Battery Misusing 5 – Battery Storage

Wrong information: If you do not use rechargeable batteries, you should use up its exectricty before you keep it other where.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1370 battery .)

Truth: In fact, not only are the above-mentioned rumors, lithium-ion batteries in the end that was full of preserved or preserving the shine is sure to make a lot of people confused? Answer to this question from a congenital defect of their talk, that is “aging effect.”(Click here to buy ThinkPad i1361 battery .)

Lithium-ion battery in storage for some time, even without the use of recycled some of its capacity will be a permanent loss, because the lithium-ion battery anode material from the factory is started when the failure of their journey. Different temperatures and the saturation level of the range is also different under the age of the specific range can be seen in the table below.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1351 battery .)

Thus, the higher the storage temperature, the battery charge of the more full, the greater the magnitude of capacity. So for long-term preservation of lithium ion batteries, the user should be controlled at 40% of its electricity and stored at 15 ℃ or lower temperatures can be. For those nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries did not exist in this “aging effect”, after the long-term storage in just a few full charge and discharge can be restored to its original capacity.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1300 battery .)

Battery Misusing 4 – Capacity

Wrong information: 2 Nominal capacity of the same (for example, 800mAh) batteries, if an actual measured capacity of 860mAh, the other is 805mAh, so 860mAH’s definitely better than the 805mAh.(Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i1391 battery.)

Truth: In general, different models (different sizes) and lithium-ion battery, the higher the capacity the longer the time used. If you set aside such factors as size and weight, of course, is the capacity the better. But for two nominal capacity of the same (for example, the example above) the battery may not be. (Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad i2621 battery.)

Since the actual high capacity battery that is likely to add in the electrode materials used to increase the initial capacity of the material, reducing the stability of electrode materials used. (Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad W700 battery .)

The result is shown in dozens of cycles, after the rapid decay of high capacity piece, while the capacity is still low strong. Many domestic firms in order to reduce costs and expand sales, often on the use of such tools to produce high-capacity battery. Users will find that six months after the use of working time is much shorter. In short, to improve capacity at the expense of sacrificing cycle life, battery makers are not material up and down the article, it is impossible to truly improve the battery capacity. (Click here to buy Lenovo ThinkPad X200 battery .)