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14 must know the cell phone battery tips – 2

7. Battery life determined by the number of repeated charge and discharge, it should try to avoid battery power than when charging, it will shorten the laptop battery life. Phone off for more than 7 days, should be first mobile phone battery is fully discharged, adequate electricity and then use.

8. Mobile phone battery self-discharge exist, not when the nickel-metal hydride batteries a day by about 1% of the remaining capacity of discharge, lithium batteries a day by 0.2% ~ 0.3% discharge. In charging the battery, try to use a dedicated outlet, do not share household electrical appliances such as charger and TV socket.

9. Although the mobile phone network coverage within the region, but the phone off when Dell laptop battery charging the phone is no longer acceptable and the call. At this point, you can use the phone’s not connected to the transfer of functions transferred to the phone side of the fixed phone in order to prevent loss of calls, this method is not for the mobile phone network coverage in weak signal area, or is temporarily unable to connect when you apply.

10. Do not expose the battery under high temperature or cold, like a dog day, and not turning the phone on the car, and withstood the scorching sun exposure; or get air-conditioned room, on the air conditioning blowing straight places. When charging, the battery a little heat is normal, but can not be Jinshou high temperature “suffering.” To avoid this from happening, it is best carried out at room temperature for Dell Studio 1537 battery charging, and do not cover anything on the phone.

11. Nickel-cadmium (N iCd) must ensure that the battery before the battery completely without electricity, and then charge must ensure that the battery fully charged.

12. If the phone battery to place too long without use, it is best to phone the maintenance department to apply to the batteries for a living dealing with, you can own with a constant voltage DC device, adjusting the voltage of 5 ~ 6V, current 500 ~ 600mA reverse Connect the battery. Note that the liberalization of touch, most can be repeated three times, after such treatment, re-use original charger to “adjustment” Dell XPS M1330 battery charge.

13. The longer the charge when he is not good, for not protecting the circuit full battery charge should be stopped immediately, otherwise the battery overheating due to heat or impact performance.

14. Lithium-ion battery charger must be selected precincts, or they might not reach saturation, impact on its performance. After charging, the charger should avoid placing more than 12 hours or more, long-term without the battery and Dell Vostro 1720 battery cell phone should be separated.

14 must know the cell phone battery tips – 1

If users want to prolong the battery’s effective use of time, in addition to the quality of the charger should have guarantees, are essential for the proper charging techniques, because the poor quality of the charger or charging the wrong methods will affect the battery life and Dell Studio 1536 battery cycle life The following is the charging techniques:

1. The battery factory, manufacturers have carried out active treatment, and conduct a pre-charging, the batteries have more than electricity, a friend of mine said that the battery charge in accordance with the time period of adjustment, standby is still a serious shortage, if the battery is indeed the genuine battery, then this kind cases, an adjustment period should be extended a further 3 to 5 times fully charge and discharge.

2. If the new cell phone to buy a lithium-ion battery, then the first 3 to 5 times charge commonly referred to as an adjustment period, more than 14 hours should be sufficient to ensure the full activation of the lithium-ion activity. Lithium-ion battery without memory effect, but a strong inert, should be given to fully activated in order to guarantee Dell Studio 1555 battery that used to achieve the best performance.

3. Some automated intelligent rapid charger when the lights change direction, only that was full of 90%. Charger will automatically change with the slow charging the battery is full. Is best used after the battery is full, otherwise it will shorten the usage time.

4. Charging, lithium batteries do not need special discharge, discharge improper battery will be damaged. Charging as far as possible in order to slow Chong Chongdian to reduce the fast charge mode; time should not exceed 24 hours. After three to five times the battery fully charge and discharge cycles of its Dell Vostro 1710 battery internal chemicals will be all “activation” to achieve best results.

5. Use the original or the reputation of a good brand of chargers, lithium batteries use lithium laptop battery charger dedicated, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery or even dangerous.

6. There are many users, often in charge when the phone open, in fact, it will hurt the mobile phone life very easily, because in the charging process, the cell phone circuit boards will be fever, at this time if there are external phone, you may create instantaneous return current, the phone’s internal parts damage.

Ultimate Solar Battery – 2

Tohoku University, Seiji Samukawa research group for the series method developed to control the interval to configure the size of the uniform method of quantum dots (Figure 5). In this way, can increase the quantum size effect. By etching the self-assembled film processing to mask the reality. Solar etching between researchers generally agreed that the Department of defects likely to cause the carrier disappears, for both etching resistance. The Cold River is a neutral particle beam using Dell Vostro 1320 battery self-inhibiting defects increase.

Intermediate can be achieved with the use of de-As

Intermediate band method is applied because of quantum-dot electronic coupling between the band gap in the middle of the middle of the formation of the band. As the carrier generated by the middle of the band’s new path, it improves Dell Studio 15 battery conversion efficiency.

Okada, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo to the worship ways to use the middle band conversion efficiency of 8.54% from 2007 to 2009, rapid increase of 16.12% (Figure 6). The (001) floor replaced (311) substrate to be increased to two times the density of Dell Inspiron 1525 battery quantum dots, while adjust the solar cell electrodes and anti-reflective film, which played a role. 2015, the future goal is to reach 25% in 2030 to reach 40%.

Okada uses a layered membrane, the formation of quantum dots can be self-group approach. In making the lattice constant of different materials than the slab of crystal growth, it will rise to three-dimensional island growth, the formation of quantum dots to make their own. But in that case, the strain energy accumulation, in order to be relaxed, Dell Studio 1535 battery quantum dots is gradually increasing. To prevent this situation, will produce the quantum dots inserted in the opposite direction of the lattice strain of strain-compensated layer.

Battery Made From Paper and Ink

One day in the future, the production of batteries may be as simple as painting: when we need a battery, come up with “ink” drawing on paper of an on-line.

Stanford University scientists claim to have successfully developed a paper battery – just to a special layer of silver coated carbon nano-ink on the paper! So, what is the carbon nano-silver ink it? Simply put, this is a mixture of three kinds of Dell Vostro G069H battery material, single-walled carbon nanotubes, silver nanowire film and ink. Among them, the former two used to form a “battery,” while the ink is used to the first two fixed on paper.

Scientists said that this paper has a high efficiency of the battery, can achieve almost 10 times the notebook lithium batteries, but could be produced using ordinary paper, with low cost and lightweight characteristics, and therefore its application prospect is hard to imagine, for example said that it can solve the issue of troubled electric-powered Dell Studio 1735 battery until completely changed people’s lives.

The hazards of waste battery

Waste battery may be small, damage Queshen big. However, due to pollution, waste battery like garbage, air and water pollution, as could any sensory feel it has great hidden, so they did not receive due attention. At present, China has become the production and consumption of battery power, battery waste pollution is an urgent need to address a major environmental problem. On the size and weight, the used battery in domestic waste is negligible, but its harmful effects is very large, battery containing mercury, cadmium, lead and heavy Dell Vostro A860 battery metals. Has a strong toxicity of mercury, lead can cause neurological disorders, nephritis, etc.; cadmium major cause renal damage and bone disease – osteoporosis, osteomalacia and fracture. If the battery waste mixed with domestic waste in the landfill, over time, seepage of heavy metals could contaminate groundwater and soil.

For a long time, China in the production of dry battery, it is necessary to join a toxic substance — mercury or mercury compounds. China’s alkaline battery in the mercury content of 1 to 5%, 0.025% neutral dry-cell battery, dry battery every year for the production of dozens of tons of mercury amounted to much. Mercury is our so-called “Mercury.” Mercury and mercury compounds are toxic, scientists found that mercury has obvious neurotoxicity, in addition to the endocrine system, immune system, Dell Studio 17 battery also have adverse effects. The 20th century took place 50 years in Japan shocked the world of public nuisance disease – Minamata disease is due to mercury pollution.

More than 40 years ago in southern Kyushu in Japan, a coastal town – Minamata town, the local population there is a strange disease. Patients began to slurred speech, unsteady gait, limb paralysis, the final body cramps, mental disorders, died of torture in pain. Later, infected with diseases more and more people, even cats and birds have experienced the same symptoms. Later, medical workers and marine fish from the deceased’s body found in the body of toxic methylmercury, proved that people eating contaminated Dell XPS M1310 battery fish poisoning. After investigation, the original local industrial companies in Japan nitrogenous fertilizer to perennial Minamata Bay mercury-containing waste water discharged to sea by mercury pollution, the local fishing seafood contain high concentrations of methylmercury.

Minamata Bay in order to restore the ecological environment, the Japanese government has spent 14 years invested 485 billion yen, the Minamata Bay mercury sediment dig deep 4 m, all clear. Meanwhile, in Minamata Bay, the entrance to the establishment of a quarantine Dell Vostro 1510 battery network will be contaminated within the Deep Bay fish were all caught in landfills. Who have witnessed the outbreak of Minamata disease Minamata, Japan, the Mayor Masazumi Yoshii said with emotion: “After nearly half a century of unremitting efforts, we have finally from the shadow of Minamata disease to come out, and is building a new city of Minamata. I hope that the whole world learned the lessons of Minamata disease in Japan, out of ignorance of the mode of production, the implementation of civilized mode of production. ”

This shows that the used battery on the environment and harm the human body is far more than we imagined, random discarded battery, not only pollute the environment, endanger human health, and waste of resources. With an annual production of 10 billion battery a full year will have to consume 156,000 tons of zinc, 226,000 tons of manganese dioxide, 2080 tons of copper, 27,000 tons of zinc chloride, Dell XPS M1730 battery ammonium chloride, 79,000 tons, 43,000 tons carbon rod. Therefore, the used battery for recycling, benefits the country, it is imperative. This requires people to find ways to solve the pollution of waste battery.

The hazards of waste battery

The hazards of waste battery: batteries discarded in the nature of mercury will slowly overflow from the battery into the soil or water, and then enter the body through the crops, damage people’s kidneys. Under the action of microorganisms, inorganic mercury can be transformed into methylmercury, gathered in the fish’s body, the human consumption of this fish, the methylmercury enters the human brain cells, people’s nervous systems were severely damaged, re – who would be crazy to death. Well-known Minamata disease in Japan is caused by methylmercury. Cadmium Dell Vostro 1520 battery exudative contaminated land and water bodies, and eventually enter the human body makes the liver and kidney damage, can also cause bone soft, heavy causing skeletal deformities. Automotive Waste batteries contain acids and heavy metals leaking into the nature of lead Dell Vostro 2510 battery can cause soil and water pollution, and ultimately harm people.

Recycling of waste battery: the popularity and variety of home appliances increased, resulting sharp increase in the use of the battery. Waste batteries mixed with garbage, not only pollute the environment, but also a waste. National annual consumption of the battery 30 million, were lost due to non-recovery of 740 tons of copper, zinc and 16,000 tons, 97,000 tons of manganese Dell Studio 15 battery powder. We should be separated from waste batteries and other trash, together sent to recycling. Many countries attach great importance to the recycling of waste battery. Germany’s many shops asking customers to buy the battery at the same time used battery should be returned to the store; Japanese exclusive Dell Studio 1535 battery bins to collect used batteries of different.

Dell finale thin listed in this 13Z

Taking into account the combination of performance and portability, all brand products are CULV devaluation 13-inch main, however, follow up on Dell’s slow, devaluation is a small 11-inch models 11Z, until the cold weather has Biebu Zhu battery, this 13-inch Dell Inspiron 13z (S510914CN) came to the battery store. First, the arrival of a high with SU7300 processor models. Market and its low profile, there is no majority in the appearance of this kind of eye-catching thin, or the ancient unchanging Dell models. However, brought directly to a new generation of nVidia Geforce G105M alone has displayed, in order to win in terms of Dell Vostro F287F battery performance hill. Currently listing price of 6399 yuan, interested friends may find out.

Cap black piano paint directly from the central place the DELL’s LOGO, there is no evidence of this a little bit thin, if looking from above, machine will be very inconspicuous, the current introduced CULV products, in addition to Dell, the only Shenzhou yes This style of Dell Inspiron 1300 battery.

Screen size has been recognized by the market 13.3-inch, 16:9 ratio of gold cutting, high-resolution 1366 * 768. Is also a LED backlit screen, the performance of Dell Inspiron B battery is equally impressive.

Keyboard design in Europe, has experienced an error after the storm, Dell certainly would not fall in the same place twice, Dell Inspiron 13z (S510914CN) open the keyboard layout is reasonable, not only the Enter key, each the size of an auxiliary keys are fully accordance with the standard to the out, and the key bit stable, resilient fit. The user does not feel troubled because of the keyboard and got completely enjoy Dell Studio 1735 battery. Concave touchpad feel smooth and accurate positioning in particular, with the general excellence of this business.

After all, is the second-generation products, Dell Inspiron 13z (S510914CN) was spared on the performance considerations, the Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage processor, Intel Core2 Duo ULV SU7300 (1.3GHz), carrying suitable for the small size of Ben’s Intel GL40 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, to give up Dell Studio 17 battery set, which, using mainstream graphics card nVidia Geforce G105M, 2GB of memory and 250GB hard drive is a standard configuration. Compared with similar models, the machine bettery graphics capabilities, high-definition video and gaming applications will be more fluent.

Socket part of the very complex, 3, USB2.0, eSATA/USB2.0 interface, 1 IEEE1394a, VGA port, HDMI interface, RJ11, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole dazzling, because machine is thin, so arranged a very neat. Machine built-in 802.11b / g wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 130-megapixel camera is also to meet the diverse Dell Studio 1737 battery needs.

Machine control the thickness of 20.8-32.3mm, coupled with an 8-cell battery, can be up to 8 hours of long-term endurance. But also because of the battery alone significantly increases and the introduction of Dell XPS M1310 battery, 1.8Kg weight loss CULV product advantage. Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed is still very fashion.

5 Learning Apps and Websites to Make You Smarter – 4. How to sit in on university lectures

Lecturefox is a free web service that enables you to sit in on lectures on all kinds of topics given by professors and other scholars from major learning institutions like Yale University, MITetc – all come from the top of your laptop.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 17 battery .)

For instance, today there are recorded lectures from Yale on “France since 1871,” “Introduction to Literature Theory,” the “Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food” and other things that’ll get you thinking and make you sound smart at your next lodge meeting. Just log in, scroll through the lectures and learn something new everyday. All for free.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 1737 battery .)

New topics are uploaded daily so bookmark the site. In just a few visits, you’ll discover your favorite professors and lecturers who provide the latest information in the most detail.(Click here to buy Dell XPS M1310 battery .)

You don’t have to be an egghead to learn about Roman architecture. Just bookmark Lecturefox and learn for the fun of it. You don’t even have to “know this for the quiz” because there are no quizzes.(Click here to buy Dell Inspiron 1210 battery .)

How to properly charge the battery for notebook PCs

As we all know, the laptop battery will not charge if the impact would be very useful life, and the use of their time, then how can the right play to their maximum effectiveness it?

Some lithium-ion laptop battery is equipped with notebook computers, the use of smart battery systems such as the SBS technology to accurately measure the laptop battery life, so use this to worry some. Although the lithium-ion battery has many advantages, but to extend battery life and maintain long time power supply, but also need to master some professional charge method.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 15 battery .)

The new lithium-ion batteries bought in the initial use will be conducted three times a full charge and discharge, that is, fully charged laptop battery at least once a power, then power exhausted, repeated three times before use. In order to activate the chemicals inside the battery, so that the electrochemical reaction inside the laptop battery into the best condition, in the future be able to freely use the charge that is useful, but to ensure that within one month, the battery must be a complete discharge, so that the depth of discharge can stimulate the activation of the battery performance, battery life plays a key role. If more than 3 months the battery is not used again before using the same should also be carried out with the new battery charge and discharge completely three times to ensure that activate the battery.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 1535 battery .)

If you use nickel-metal hydride batteries, which must control the charge time, should be careful not to frequent over-charging, otherwise it will shorten the battery life. In addition, the Ni-MH battery should be fully discharged before charging, the charging should also be fully charged, and in normal use before, but also required to complete three complete charge and discharge times.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 1536 battery .)

Most users accustomed to using a laptop computer each time, plug the AC power supply, very little battery power for laptops. In fact, for at least a month should be used to power batteries once or twice, the battery completely run out, draw a line on a one-time full of alternating current. Remember this one, for rechargeable batteries will run out of power again full, useful and harmless, because the notebook computer lithium-ion laptop batteries for use there is a certain inertia effect for a long time not to use lithium-ion loss of activity would need to re-activation. When the notebook computer when the indoor use of AC is best to remove the battery so that it always in charge state. The best off charging laptop, the battery can be fully charged, do not unplug the power in the charge half-way. Charging is completed, should be 30 minutes before use.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 1537 battery .)

In addition, because the laptop battery is very easy to run out of power, most notebook computers with only a battery, therefore, part of the pen so that the computer manufacturer has developed a fast charge feature that lets users run out of power after the supplement can be the fastest electric . For example, Dell notebook computer is equipped ExpressCharge feature, you can recharge in one hour more than 90%. To even the not 100% as well? Because according to charge and discharge characteristics of lithium batteries, if the current fast charge to 100%, the battery life on the big warning to shorten, so the back of 10% will be replaced by slow-fast-charge before the charge to extend battery life.(Click here to buy Dell Studio 1555 battery .)