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From the network security threats – network

(1) 1998 years of the virus

This virus outbreak in June 1998 in Taiwan, is considered the most dangerous, one of the most destructive computer virus. Worldwide the $2000 80 million loss.  Read More…

Internet future-network speed and capacity

Internet history though short, but it can say is contemporary history one of the most important technology, to people’s life and work to bring earth-shaking changes. With the development of technology and network technology, the Internet has already familiar with the gradual integration of the human club will and each of us daily life. Read More…

IP Address- host addressing rules

Host logo on the same network must be unique within;

Host logo for each bit cannot “1″, if all bits for “1″, is the machine address is the broadcast address, rather than host address;

Host logo for each bit cannot “0″, if every bit as “0″, then said “only the network”, and on the web without any host.

Below is the most commonly used in several operating system as an example, the paper presents the check method IP address. Read More…

Internet structure

The Internet is a network network is connected with innumerable network by the formation of the network, this is the essence of Inrernet.

Network is how to connect?

Very clear is that will make the two network connected, there must be in two network connecting two computer, it is in this between two computers must have a cable (or cable, microwave, etc) constitutes a path. But simple cable connected couldn’t finish communication. Read More…

GeForce Model

Can in frivolous notebook application is the important expression, graphics strength 6200Go nVIDIA can be implemented in the “light thin” notebook on the application, and indicates that the improved to a certain nVIDIA strength of high degree. And furthermore, as a specially designed for the design of special notebook frivolous graphic processors, application GF6200 laptop on price is not high, so for the ZhongDiDuan users, consider its performance this should be a very over-value choice.

GeForce6200 mobile edition of core Numbers for NV44M V manufacturing process for 0.11 microns, the core 300MHz, manifested frequency of the frequency of the 600MHz, manifested bitwidth for 64bit, with 4 pixel rendering pipeline, 3 vertex rendering unit, pixel fill filling rate 1.20 G/s, texture resolution Textures filling rate for 2.4 G/s, the video memory bandwidth is 4.8 GB/s. Its use two-way PCI Express TurboCache framework of total line graph more high bandwidth, by allowing graphics chips (gpus) points enjoy special capacity and video memory bandwidth, can directly use the system memory for rendering. TurboCache manager (TCM) can dynamically allocate memory, thus maximize the performance of the system. TurboCache like a turbocharger and improve the entry-level PC performance, and for greater graphics memory space.

(4) GeForce Go 6600

NVidia after 62 issued after NV43 display based on nuclear heart Gefore 6600 Go, using MXMI interface, the use of the DDR3 video memory, capacity to 128MB, for 128Bit zenkoji bitwidth GBps memory bandwidth, 8 of the rendering pipeline, filling, rate of 3 million pixels/SEC, vertices for 300 million/SEC, RAMDACs 400MHz designed specifically for providing leading multimedia function, but without sacrificing portability mobile CPU. Compatible with the latest version Dell Inspiron 1300 battery DirectX 90. Shader is a Model 3.0, PureVideo technology, industry only face high qing multimedia content of embedded video processor. In the industry of this mobile GeForce Go 6,600 GPU evaluation of price is very high. 6600GPU responded with a launch, immediately by including acer, asus etc industry-leading OEM and ODM factory dealer’s favour. Using GeForce Go, and with more than 6,600, thin laptop computers without further in video and graphics performance square face made any sacrifice, to move the energy consumption of the display card nVIDIA control technology so far is arguably quite mature.

(5) GeForce Go 6,800

2004 officially released GeForce nVIDIA graphics chips sixth generation product: r&d code-named NV40 GeForce 6,800 series graphics chips, the world’s first paragraph support DX9.0 c graphics chips, it has great significance. And DX9 different, Direct X 9.0 c major is one of the Pixel Shader Vertex and by version 2.0 version of ascending to 3.0 edition. NV40 chip transistors 2.2 million, while more than 4 Pentium processor is EE only 1.78 million transistors. NV40 graphics chips still used by IBM 0.13 muon ChengSheng production system, it is still the FBGA encapsulation, but adopting advanced electric road redundant technology to improve the yield of product. In the core working frequency, a little backwards, for example NV40 even GeForce 6,800 the mk-ultra, its core frequency also only 400MHz but the frequency of the influence is not big, 6,800 Picasso unexpectedly NV40 framework far more advanced.

(6) Geforce ‘73

NVIDIA Geforce ‘73 is not very strong, this kind of display card is to launch the significance of mobile video card GPU will enter 90nm phase, and Geforce Go 7 series display card is a times technology promote products, it can make your laptop to achieve optimal performance experience, the most important is to optimize the power consumption, make using Geforce Go 7 series graphics laptop can achieve more long battery life. Thus nVIDIA first step launched TOSHIBA Satellite M100 battery based on PCI – E interface technology of the second generation of mobile video card products. Using PCI – E ‘73 technology, based on the latest interface G72M core, 64-bit video memory interface, 5.6 GB/s memory bandwidth, using PCI – E x16 interface, core frequency for 400MHz, video memory. 700MHz frequency reach DDR Pixel filling rate for 14 million pixels per second per second, produce 2.6 billion summits.

GeForce ‘73 has 4 pipeline and three vertices with color units, faster than two pipeline GeForce Go 62 much faster. Should say GeForce ‘73 is GeForce Go 62 of upgrade version, but relative to grade positioning GeForce Go 62 speaking, various aspects have obvious carry litre, but also adopted independent 64M / 64bit manifested as adopted particles, TurboCache technology, but based on the above ascension, in 3D performance will be better. Based on the PowerMizer 6.0 after lifting technology, can significantly delay long notebook computer batteries work time, and maximize reduce calorific value. GeForce ‘73 also adopted the new generation nVIDIA CineFX 4.0 engine and many designed for GeForce Go 7 series improved nVIDIA unique skill resection. In addition, some nice SLI technology (656 also support the double card).

(7) GeForce 7600 Go

GeForce 7600 ‘has eight pixel shader processor (PS), 5 vertex shader processor (VS), 8 rasterization operation processor (ROP), 8 tmus (TMU), 128 – bit video memory controller, pixel filling rate for 360 million/SEC, vertex filling rate of 5.5 billion/SEC, using 90mm craft production, support PureVideo, PowerMizer SM 3.0, 6.0, TurboCatch techniques. Notebook vendor will Go up the core / 7,600 manifested as 450/1000MHz frequency. GeForce 7600 power lies in its Go to the power consumption of control system. As a result of the 90 nanometres core manufacturing process, and discusses the DDR2 memory, itself will be greatly reduced. Due to the use of technology, PowerMizer 6.0 7,600 in wen word processing power when it is more ideal. 76 to send heat IBM Thinkpad X60t battery and noise control is very ideal, far better than 6600 X700, ‘wait generation of products, of course, or in X1600 etc graphics CARDS.

using scanners

Installation ends can use scanners.

(1) uncover scanners, then cover book face downward into the scanner. Click the [] scanner SCAN button, at this time will pop up according to select applications [] dialog box, if computers have installed the software, but in Photoshop [registered application] list box to select [Photoshop] options.

(2) click ok “button will start Photoshop Adobe Photoshop] [program open window, also will open [ScanGear CS -u] window.

3 click “preview (P)” button to start the preview into scanner scanner cover effect, at this time will books keep prompt the user documentation cover closed.

4 seconds after the system will be in [ScanGear CS -u] window shows book cover preview effect.

5 now can find books are not put the position, need adjustment whole once. Therefore open scanner cover and properly attune the whole book position, then click “preview (P)” button to preview its effect. Users can also change to scan images of the modes such as image type, color mode, the resolution and paper size etc.

6 set finished click “scan (S)” button, then system will pop Dell Inspiron 500M battery up a tip boxes, prompt the user of the scanning process must keep text block cover the closed position.

7 then will open [are] scanning… Clew box, and shows the progress of the scanning.

7 in [Adobe Photoshop scanning completion] window will show book cover scans effect. At this time window menu bar in all menu items are not available.

9 ScanGear CS -u closed [], [Adobe Photoshop window] window of each menu will become are often state. Users can in the images further editor. Edit finished click [file storage for]] – [menu item open [storage for] dialog box, finally put the pictures in the right position can be preserved.

3. Projectors,

At work, use projectors rhizosphere and carry out various slide presentation is inevitable, such not only can make big and clear considered picture, still can make the whole process is more vivid, effective demo.

(1) connected projector

Projector use method is simpler, and use external display device similar, only needs to be connected to the notebook VGA output interface, and then in 8108 in or through function key combination ([Fn] + [F4 ", "Fn] + [F5] or other) set notebook screen and VGA interface also shows that can.

Here in the HP Compaq laptops and Toshiba Presario v30009TU TDP – T30 data projectors, for example, this TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A100 battery paper introduces laptop computers and the method of connecting the projector.

Concrete operating procedure is as follows.

(1) going to use projectors, ready, and prepare required matchs pieces, such as the power cord, RGB cable (connection laptops and projectors use), including RGB cable two VGA interface is the same.

(2) find laptop corresponding VGA interface.

(3) will any other VGA cable RGB interface insert into the VGA laptop computer interface.

4 will another interface insert into projector corresponding COMPUTER 1 interface (note: there are two interfaces behind the projector, respectively is 1 and 2 COMPUTER interface, user can choose according to need any of them an interface).

5 this notebook and projector is connected together.

(2) use projector

Will projectors and notebook computers after connection can use cast shadow apparatus.

(1) the power connector confirmation will be inserted into the projector hosts AC IN power socket, and IN the power of the interpolation head will insert metope or other places within the power socket.

2 in turn on the power before the lens unloaded projector lens cover, otherwise lens cap set above may because of be heated and deformation.

3 in the rear panel projectors, open ON IBM Thinkpad X60 battery the main source switch, when the host operating panel [ON] instructions parade into orange, says into a standby mode.

4 click the host operating panel [ON/STANDBY "button. The electricity, [ON]] and [[technologies, FAN] the three instructions parade into green.

5 wait a moment will appear starting frame.

6 the appropriate adjustment lens Angle, make broadcast picture to pitch projection screen right in the middle. Then press the power switch on laptops, restart Windows operating system, then notebook on the LCD panel will also show the pictures to cast shadow panel.

7 will projectors and laptop computers connected completely, open a using PowerPoint making slides, then choose holding [view] – [slide show "menu items, or directly by press [F5" button can be demo slides.

As laptop computers connected to the already open projectors, but can't show laptop screen, can be used first projector remote control computer signals search cables; If you still no fish with thing, it is probably laptop display mode type Settings have problems. This happened, you need to pass over BIOS setup or through hotkeys switching (different brand notebook PC its switch is different also. Such as HP hotkey notes this computer is [Fn] + [F4] key combination, Dell laptop computer is [10] Fn] [F8 key combination, etc.) will remember this computer Settings for pen "notebook and projectors displayed" mode.

(3) close projector

Demo finish slide projector closed after the specific steps as follows.

(1) under the shadow Lord Sang for granted instrument panel [ON/STANDBY] button, at this time will appear ON the screen really wanted to shutdown tips.

2 main operation panel click ON [ON/STANDBY "button, the main operation panel ON the [] indicator light (green technologies color) flickered ON, [ON] the lights turned orange, [FAN] for green, now still indicator light bulb began to enter into the cooling period. In this condition cannot new processing power.

(3) dream of [] indicator extinguished, after technologies projectors, internal cooling fans will still continue to roll over a period of time, to keep the device inside the waste heat dispersion out, then [FAN] indicator light (green) and [ON] indicator will still lights (orange). In this condition if time is not allowed, can midway power plug

Head from the wall-socket plucked or shut off the main power switch, but best not to do so. 4 when [FAN] indicator went after cooling namely end projector into standby (right now [ON] the lights are still orange), where you can close the mains switch or person unplugged the power cord safely shut down.

LCD screen and bad points

For daily for applications in the same widescreen LCD screen, inside can open up to two or more of the window handle and editing, which can improve the work efficiency. Because the widescreen can adopt higher resolution, so the same is a screen, but it can show more content, and it has not turned small font. For operation needs more window applications, especially in design work for two tied for window of a work is more easily than let designers, deficiency, in order to find work in line to correct them. In usage Photoshop, Flash when hou, the software can let users in the normal widescreen display works outside broader space to place toolbar or other elements. In multimedia editing work, widescreen LCD Read More…

Hydrogen widespread use

Statistics indicated that before 1976, the world produces 400,000,000,000 cubic meters hydrogen every year, 88% use in the non-energy aspect, 10% use for to synthesize the methane, only some 2% and the natural gas mix takes the fuel. The chemical industry department consumes the hydrogen to be highest, only a manufacturing chemical fertilizer’s primary data ammonia item consumes the hydrogen quantity to amount to Read More…

Advantages of nuclear energy and safety

The reason why the development of nuclear power plants so fast because it has many advantages.

First, it is an effective alternative energy sources. Small size of nuclear fuel high energy, nuclear chemistry is greater than a few hundred times. 1 kg of uranium -235 release energy equivalent to 2700 tons of standard coal, the energy released. A one million Read More…

The application of solar cells

Since the 20th century, 60’s, the solar satellite on call the shots on the power use, then gradually applied to the ground.

Solar cells in the late 20th century and the beginning of 30, 40 years into applied research. March 17, 1958 the United States launched the “Vanguard No. 1″ satellite, the first time single crystal silicon solar cells as the Read More…