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Using the model of geothermal

Geothermal energy use, there are two basic models, namely, “the Icelandic model” and the “Continental model.”

Geothermal utilization, “Iceland mode” Iceland’s geothermal resources are very rich, from 1928 onwards they geothermal. Icelandic population is now about 1 / 2 depends on the capital of geothermal water supply system, the local geothermal power generation capacity of 500 megawatts, the equivalent of a large thermal power plants, each year about 30 billion kilowatt-hours electricity Read More…

Colorful charm of nuclear power

Nuclear power, nuclear fission reaction is to release the tremendous heat from the loop out of the system to produce steam to drive generator turbines. Use of nuclear power station, known as the nuclear power plant.

Currently operating nuclear power plants have been built, the basic working principle is: nuclear fuel (such as uranium -235) in the reactor nuclear fission chain reaction, a lot of heat generated by the heat carrier agent (water or gas) to bring out, in the steam device Read More…

The production of plutonium -239

The production of plutonium -239

the second generation of plutonium fast breeder reactor fuel.

The second generation of reactors is a French design called the second generation of fast breeder reactors, since they gave it a nice name “Phoenix” reactor to plutonium as nuclear fuel, no moderator, and only liquid Read More…

A family of rookie energy hydrogen and lithium

Chinese saying goes, “incompatible” means water and fire are diametrically opposed. There is water there is no fire, and fire water can not exist. As everyone knows, modern science tells us that the water can make fire, the fire in the raw water.

We know that water is hydrogen and oxygen from the composition. The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen 2 oxygen 1, that is water. Hydrogen can be burned in oxygen, and combustion flame temperature can reach 2,500 degrees, melting the steel can. This is not “water and fire,” it? It also found that hydrogen can not only burn, but also in the combustion process also produces water, is this not a “fire in the raw water” it? Therefore, the phrase “incompatible” in the modern high-tech conditions, can give a new meaning.

Hydrogen in the chemical periodic table, ranked first, in general, gaseous state. Hydrogen is lighter than air, so use as detection of high-altitude weather balloons, holiday balloon flying colored, mostly full of hydrogen. Hydrogen combustion in oxygen, released by the temperature can reach 2,500 degrees of heat, so use it to cut steel or welded steel. Hydrogen combustion energy released, calculated per unit weight, more than any kind of organic fuel, the energy of gasoline even higher than 3 times, it is a new type of high-energy fuel.

As the hydrogen in the combustion process, combustion generates water Dell Inspiron 1470 battery and trace amounts of nitrogen hydrogen, no ash, no pollution of the environment, so it is a clean, pollution-free fuel. Hydrogen can either replace the coal, oil and natural gas, used in normal daily life, can also be used in industry as a new energy.

On Earth, as a fuel material argon, can be said inexhaustible. Because the nature, hydrogen is everywhere, the air, the soil, especially in water, hydrogen even more numerous. The nature of the water is very large, only the ocean about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water, in addition to the water in rivers and lakes. Approximately 11% of water containing hydrogen, if the water are decomposed by hydrogen, as energy use, combined with hydrogen in the combustion process also produces water, so hydrogen does it mean that inexhaustible you!

It is because of hydrogen’s “talent,” Maria, only been in recent years, energy experts around the world the favor. 50 years of the 20th century, in the aviation industry, using liquid argon as the supersonic and subsonic aircraft fuel, making -57 twin-engine bomber on hydrogen engines to achieve a hydrogen aircraft heaven. Earth satellite was launched in 1957, spacecraft travel into space in 1963, 1968, the Apollo spacecraft to the moon, etc., all have made great contributions to hydrogen fuel.

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium that. They are the third generation of nuclear energy (nuclear fusion) of fuel. Deuterium Uranium nuclear fusion produces more energy than the energy released from nuclear fission large number of times. Nature, about 3.8 liters of water, it contains 0.5 grams of deuterium, the resulting fusion energy equivalent to about 1365 barrels of gasoline contains the energy. Scientists calculated, containing about 0.03 grams per liter of water deuterium, sea water contains a total of 4.5 billion tons of deuterium, with 10 human enough? 1.5 billion years. Therefore, some scientists believe that sea water in the heavy hydrogen (deuterium and tritium) would solve the energy crisis of mankind’s best hope. However, nuclear fusion technology can be more complex to get the energy I am afraid have to wait for decades. Once the objective of fusion energy production and large-scale industrial applications, then we can really achieve a lot from seawater to make hydrogen, you can create “artificial sun” and change the climate of the.

Current development of hydrogen remaining in the two problems, one is Ideapad Y650 battery the hydrogen storage problem, the other is to take the problem of hydrogen system. Hydrogen at low temperature of minus 252.7 degrees, it can become a liquid, which liquid hydrogen can be installed in special cylinders in, but because of very low boiling point of liquid hydrogen, steam under pressure at room temperature, so in general power equipment difficult to use. Coupled with high-pressure liquid hydrogen, hydrogen can also be turned into metal state, people of solid metal and non-metallic hydrogen hydride store, this is more convenient to use and transport. This method of hydrogen storage, is inseparable from the efforts of scientists, but costs will still be expensive.

Preparation method of the present more hydrogen, such as conventional hydrogen production methods, biological hydrogen production method, solar hydrogen, atomic hydrogen created. But production costs are high, in the future to mass production of hydrogen, must strive to cost down in order to meet the needs as the main energy. What is the element lithium? Why does it become a new energy future?

Distribution of lithium in the periodic table on the upper left corner, the second cycle, atomic number 3. Lithium was discovered in 1817, used 50 years of the 20th century. Lithium has two isotopes, known as lithium and lithium -7 -6. It can be used for controlled thermonuclear fusion power plant, molten lithium as a coolant for the reactor core fusion, fission reactor core; also serve as a source of tritium, tritium fusion is an important element. Because lithium and lithium -7 -6, in the high energy neutron bombardment, the deuterium and tritium into the fission easily. Lithium deuteride and lithium hydride -6 -6 is built spaces in thermonuclear fusion reactions produce solid materials. Lithium deuteride -6, that is, the hydrogen bomb blast of explosives. 1 kg of lithium deuteride -6 explosive power, equivalent to 50,000 tons of high explosives.

From the use of lithium for some of the world energy situation, 1 kg of lithium, with the energy of roughly 4,000 tons of coal equivalent to the heat production of 7.0 billion kWh of electricity annually consumed only 1.6 tons of heavy water (322 kg tritium), and 8.5 tons of natural lithium (676 kg lithium -6). It would appear that the consumption of lithium is very small, so the total cost is very low, less than 10% of the total cost of its energy than the energy produced by fission of uranium -235 high several times.

Survey shows that the lithium in sea water is very rich resource in the world’s oceans is estimated that a total of 260 billion tons of lithium, can be enough for tens of billions of years of human use.


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Quality evaluation of energy

Many different types of energy, such as conventional energy sources are: plant energy, coal, oil, natural gas, oil shale, etc.; new energy include: solar energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the current technical level, the evaluation of the technical indicators of energy quality, mainly in the following areas. Read More…

Commentary on the radar

Radar technology developed to this stage, already has more mature and more complete theoretical basis and practical experience; However, the radar technology still bound by some basic physical laws, it is difficult a “miracle.” In contrast, radar technology, every major technological advances are needed after several years or even ten years of hard work.

This stage, the basic orientation of the development of radar technology to improve radar performance and expansion capabilities to meet the economic, social and national security needs. For example, mention Gao radar sensitivity (improved detection and suppression technology Read More…

Secondary battery cycle life

For the secondary battery (batteries, rechargeable batteries) is concerned, life cycle or life cycle is also a measure of battery performance of an important parameter. After a secondary battery charge and discharge, as a cycle, or call a cycle.

Certain discharge conditions, the battery capacity dropped to a specified value before the number of cycles the battery can Read More…