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8 “gold ” word project

The end of 1993 the relevant state department decided to build “golden bridge”, “gold card”, “JinGuan” project, the abbreviation “three golden” project.

In August 2002, 5, hair 17 in the forward files the national informatization brought guide team of the construction of e-government on our guidance, “made it clear that we shall continue to perfect has achieved initial results office business resource system, JinGuan, gold and financial Read More…

widescreen notebook advantage

Compared with the ordinary LCD monitor, LCD, more high resolution widescreen with better visual effect, can let the user experience to visual wider realm. So present 16×9 widescreen notebook computer mostly with “better entertainment performance” for selling point. Its real besides these, compared to common “screen LCD, wide screen laptop computers have more advantage.

(1) is more advantageous to the multimedia performance Read More…

The development trend of notebook computer graphics

In early 2005, ATI issued another X800 framework based on Radeom Mobility Radeom X700, engineering, code-named M26, core framework for RV410, and fully supports DX 9.0 b. First adopted TSMC 0.11 muon m manufacturing process, can reduce chip in large earth run at full speed when power consumption, has also helped to X700 display chip transistors number reached 1.2 billion, transcends 9,800 level, with eight of 30 Xuan dye pipelines, six vertex shader engine, pixel filling rate reaches to astonishing 2.8 GPIXEL/S, higher Mobility Radeom X600 before the introduction of 75%. Many. Is worth mentioning X700 adopted Dynamic change PCI Express Lanes connection number of Dynamic Lane Switching (DLCS) technology Count, in order to better save electricity. DLCS technique can be notebook computer power supply from power adapter steering battery for electricity, will PCI EXPRESS X 16 interface changes to the PCI EXPRESS X4, X2 and clamps its X1 to save electric batteries amounts. In addition, Mobility Radeom X700 also support Dell Latitude D620 battery ATi mobile graphics chips upgrade technology ZXIOM.

Due to the lack of using Low – K technology, Mobility Radeom X700 core frequency is only 350MHz, but the video memory is using the expensive 64MB to 128MB GDDR3, support, frequency reached 700MHz. Using the Smoothvision, Smartshade technology, such as the actual performance is almost twice the Radeom X600 Mobility, also support the Powerplay5.0 ATi techniques for saving energy.

(7) Radeom X800 Mobility

Because in the end of 2004 Nvidia released a paragraph of mobile core slice Geforce Go 6,800 in performance, and surmounted ATi was the strongest performance Radeom 9,800 Mobility. A rumour ATi released Radeom Mobility X800 to deal with, with no to any of X800 core R420 shrink, therefore X800 in performance first beyond the desktop display chip. X800 engineering code-named M28, due to the time of issue earlier than Radeom X700 Mobility, therefore no adopt the latest 0.11 muon M manufacturing process, but adopted Low – K technology, and reduced the calorific value, transistors number achieved when ATi mobile display chip the peak of 160 million, core 400MHz high frequency. Coupled with (ie together with) adopts high frequency of 800MHz GDDR – 3 256bit manifested in 2007, the higher the Mobility Radeom can X700 nearly doubled, also support the fifth ATi Powerplay power management skill resection. The last is the X800XT X800PRO /, besides increase four 3D rendering pipeline make totaled 16 beyond, still carry high display the core and the frequency of memory, including flagship X800XT shows the frequency and the video memory core of frequency both reached 4801MHz / 1100MHz highs.

(8) Radeom X1300 / X1400 Mobility

These two section X1000 chip support ATi, adopts advanced technology AVIVO 90nm craft manufacture, support Shader MoDel 3.0, supports multi-threading 3D structure, support Diader 9.0 c. In fact Radeom Mobility X1400 display core Radeom Mobility X1300 completely with the same, for RV515 core, and parameters are also with X1300 same. Basically, In the high frequency of X1300 ATi based on joined temperature control circuit, namely actually in graphics burden small when can to close part circuit. As for performance because X1400 set in frivolous model, so in frequency, video memory specifications will have shrunk, compared with X1300 speaking Hp compaq 2210B battery performance will certainly lower.

(9) Radeom X1600 Mobility

ATi video X1600 launched mobile Radeom with desktop edition, compared with 90 nanometres production process, so the power control is also outstanding. There are 12 Radeom X1600 hug rendering pipeline and five vertex Shader unit, and based on the RV530 shows the core, support, provide 128bit memory of formal Shader Model 3.0 support. X1600 adopted the new design, and enable ATi first generation 90nm craft production, integrated 1.57 billion transistors, have 12 pixel shader assembly line and five vertx single yuan, 4 texture units, four Render Back up and 8 Z mean unit and single cycle the most high executive 128 thread ability. This than previously for intermediate market ATi RV410 eight pieces pipe pixel to four. X1600 compared to the original core advanced many, opening a new framework for those standardized Shader of blocks, provide SM3.0 support and adopting new memory controller structure, the more high quality (HDR image, with support for 128FP operation ability, provide new anti-aliasing function), support AVIVO platform. Another example Render to End (RBE), this function is similar to the images of ROP (NVIDIA Raster Operation place all Processor grating Daniel device) function, and in performing FP16 Operation when still can in order to realize the multiple sampling antialiasing, that is to say, in execution of such Operation such as HDR while still can realize RV530 AA sampling or anti-aliasing.

(10) X800 Radeon Mobility

The X800 XT Radeon ATI Mobility is specially designed for swim drama lovers and high-performance notebook computers designed using portable graphics techniques of processing unit, it incorporates cutting-edge 3D graphics performance, high quality video replay function and excellent image quality. It has 16 the rendering pipeline and eight vertex shader unit, support the 256bit manifested.

(11) X1900 Radeon Mobility

Mobile edition X1900 adopts MXM III module. MXM is an ODM manufacturer of hope, also set encapsulation NVIDIA millions of mobile multi-screen chip packages form. This type of mobile graphics chips collocation GDDR3 memory, SM33.0 ubuntu 7.04 is 256MB support, support AVIVO video technology, support HDCP 1080p high-definition video playback support, using PowerPlay6.0 power saving technology. The pictures of various types of the test score card.

On the market at present already have use mobile Edition of the display card X1900 notebook computer, such as Fujitsu Siemens appear AMILO Xi 1554 system, this system of Core 2 Duo processors by 17-inch LCD display, tie-in (maximum resolution 1920 X 1,200), 2GB, operating IBM Thinkpad X60 battery system adopt with Windows Media Center happen. This product support Windows Vista Premium.

In addition, ATI has launched a more powerful performance such as card, then X1950 ATI company is AMD bought by.

5. The development trend of notebook computer graphics

Talking about the development trend of future graphics, first should be highly integrated. Although integrated graphics chips have difficulty upgrades, poor performance, make chipsets rising cost, increase defects such as calorific value, but for business users, but it IBM Thinkpad X60 battery makes the machine costs under descending, reduced volume, compatibility issue decrease, these exactly is commercial users care deeply. And now many integration core slice group has also provides AGP or PCI – E slot, permission to use households in need to add the independent video card higher. Secondly, as household display chip high-speed development, professional level display adapters and entertainment graphics dividing line will gradually become blurred, no-till liters of graphics “magical jump line” Settings and once entered household market 3DLabs Permedia2 chips are two typical representative. From the household ATI and NVIDIA company level display chip has developed some professional show card products, in many tests can totally, totally against even more than those using professional chip product. On the other hand, by in software and hardware of generality enhanced obviously, the display systems have console and display computer system integration trend, but this process is still find it difficult to contemplate, there may be a need for a long time, and it is also possible that the next-generation games consoles realize. Finally, on display chip internal specification, 512 bits (six DDR) of the video memory will rapidly growing in popularity, add video card will be fully support additional bandwidth, PCI – E transmission, disturbing the ability to play video memory bandwidth and communication ability problems will have a degree of ease. In addition, as the most to taste new interface card manufacturers, video card manufacturers have DDR3 DDR2 memory and will, in the video CARDS, so as to further improve the ability of memory.

ASUS F6VE sell 5599 yuan

As the Asian body, so an objective point of 13-14 inches of the books is the most suitable for us, after all, this size can be in a relatively thin, under the fuselage, but also brought us powerful performance. But this Asus notebook F6K66VE-SL, in the relatively small 13.3-inch under the fuselage, but also quite good performance with Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 alone significantly, and now the dealers are to 5599 yuan price promotions.

Appearance, the ASUS ASUS F6K66VE-SL continued the family tradition F6VE style, using its exclusive “Infusion” technology, its characteristics is the ability to make beautiful books with a stylish, light and shade charming appearance, but under the appearance of beautiful also little Acer Aspire 9120 battery worry there is a ray, it is very easily contaminated with fingerprints affect the appearance. In addition, the interior design with frosted surface, with 13.3-inch screen, correspondingly, books weighing about 1.99 kilograms.

ASUS F6K66VE-SL Notebook

Configuration, the ASUS F6K66VE-SL laptop uses Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, Intel PM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset and 2GB of memory with the same time, with 512MB of video memory ATI Mobility RadeonHD 4570 graphics card has a very good display. Furthermore, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner, wooden Paint can also be a good reader and other configurations to meet the basic needs of the user.

Promotion information: taxes, and the only Canadian one dollar Jiusong Acer Aspire 7720 battery Backpack, mouse, mouse pad, notebook clean suit, the screen electrostatic adsorption membrane, waterproof membrane keyboard, headphones


As a 13.3-inch notebooks, as well as 1.99KG weight, we say this Asus F6K66VE-SL can become your ideal office companion, even though less than CULV come to light equipment, such as the cicada’s wings, but in a traditional notebook device also a relatively thin products. In addition, the onboard Core 2 Duo T6600 processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Acer Aspire 9110 battery graphics card can also enjoy the entertainment to meet your needs, can be described as double-edged sword, double benefit.

The end of this year Outlook: how could save the PC market in 2010-3

Expectations index: ★ ★ ★

In 2009, the PC market, the cottage the Internet has gone from crazy to the collapse of the process, but this is not the collapse of the brand online, in fact, Internet PC market, this is still the main growth driver. Data show that Internet sales of shares in this account more than 20% of all notebooks. In 2009 the Internet this year shipments are expected Acer Aspire 8920G battery to more than 35 million units.

Since its inception in 2007, Internet awareness of this product have soared, and ultimately usher in cottage manufacturers to enter. In the second half of 2008, the Internet can be said to have entered the peak period, almost all of the industry’s leading PC is often involved in this area. In fact, the Internet for PC manufacturers to bring the good sales figures, which the financial crisis become more important.

After the peak must be dropped. A lower technical threshold sparked a cottage blind entry, price competition also entered the disordered state, plummeted from 4,000 yuan, the brand was down to 1999 yuan in this online. Some cottage even play below the price of 1,000 yuan. Acer Aspire 6920 battery
Consequences of the Internet in this market is rapidly shrinking profit margins.

From the product itself, the Internet location of this feature is not entirely a notebook, is the second PC. However, when the manufacturers the publicity did not emphasize this point, many for the first time the user has chosen to buy notebooks online book, that can be used to office entertainment. Results are very disappointing, Internet this fact can not do anything. Narrow version of the keyboard and the screen is difficult to adapt to other users. The performance is even more out of the question, the Internet can only be used in this fact, browsing the web, view email, chat, Acer Aspire 8920 battery in order to film the game is impossible.

External disorder lack of competition and the product itself led to the Internet in mid-2009 to enter in this short period of confusion. The most affected cottage manufacturer, have closed down or restructuring. Internet brands are cool-headed thinking of this in their own development, the frequency of introduction of new products began to slow down and focus on the quality of the product itself, and personalization. In fact, this is also the Internet should have some trends.

In the first quarter of 2010, Intel will continue to release new access to this platform, access to this market will enter a new stage of development. The idea that the Internet prior to the annual decline in 2010, and even the “Internet of this,” a title will disappear. Another view is that the Internet this would still have to grow rapidly. From the current market analysis, access to the Internet next year, this market does not like the last year or this year’s ups and downs, but will continue to advance in the steady.

Outlook 6: Touch & 3D & Games Video of the

Expectations index: ★ ★

Touch screen and 3D technology in the application of computers has begun to show a new development trend, Acer Aspire 7720G battery integrated computer and notebook computers has been achieved on both touch-screen operation, the only lacking is the technology itself optimization and application follow-up.

3D technology, we can see that NVIDIA launched a 3D three-dimensional magic mirror technology, AMD will also be in January 2010 publication of the CES trade show related technology programs. Currently, Acer and Asus have launched to support 3D technology, notebook computers, will experience by wearing glasses. Touch screen and 3D technology in the future of computer games and entertainment will play an increasingly important role, and can further deepen the human-computer interaction experience.

Entertainment video games in 2009 high-end notebook actually do not imagine hot, the financial impact of the crisis is one of the reasons that consumers purchase notebook to be more careful calculations, is no longer simply the pursuit of high distribution. Another reason is the concern that the market itself is limited.

But the video game market is still the high-end notebooks have their own market space in 2010 will continue to grow, but the overall look is still maintained at a stable level, there will be no ups and downs. The data provided in our ZDC, there are nearly 10% of users expressed concern about the market. High-end gaming notebook market share Acer Aspire 7720Z battery of audio and video in fact very much related to the standard of living in the out of the financial crisis, after the market in 2010 there may be a new development.

Outlook 7: Tablet PC & Other

Expectations index: ★


Tablet PCs are expected to start in 2010 into the first year of development, the biggest driving factor is the apple, in addition to Dell, ASUS, HP and other vendors want to push flat-panel product rumors. From another perspective, Tablet PC may be towards the development of multimedia applications, such as e-books. In fact, e-book can be seen as a form of tablet PCs, but highlighted the function of reading digital books. In addition, the Tablet PC there will be many more applications, but all the development needs of technology and application support, perhaps next year will be the first year of the Tablet PC.

Windows 7

Many people think that Windows 7 prior to the promotion of PC market growth will become a major factor, and in the latter half of 2010 revealed. In fact, in promoting the role of Windows 7 is a necessity, because it solves some of the problems left over Vista, according to the natural order of product development, Windows 7 will naturally be gradually replaced by Vista (now hard to completely replace XP), will be on the PC play a role in promoting market growth.


PC industry in the past few years an alarming pace of development, in particular the decline of the price. A few million have been stepped down computer products, PC products began to be classified as a kind of consumer goods, the future will be further differentiated, as well as personalized design evolution. On the whole, mainstream notebook PCs will continue moving in the performance of the two direction thin fuselage, and occupy a larger market share; desktop computer will still occupy a certain market share, one desktop computer is the development of another a form; the Internet this will be to maintain a certain market share, in the steady advance.

To explore in this article are only visible point of PC market growth, there are products with technical highlights. From this year’s market point of view, perhaps next year’s PC market, there will be a new growth point of the outbreak, as well as the year before this year’s Internet this CULV.

The end of this year Outlook: how could save the PC market in 2010-2

Looking ahead: Core Duo processor i3/i5/i7

Expectations index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

In September of this year’s Intel Developer Forum IDF, on the new architecture based on the mobile version of Nehalem Core i7 processors to meet formally with you. The industry’s major PC makers also have a positive response followed by the introduction of configuration i7 quad-core processor notebooks. Acer Aspire 5720G battery Currently on the market already has Alienware, Shenzhou, ASUS, Lenovo and Asus and other vendors of products, of which 6999 yuan’s Shenzhou sought after by many big A, quad-core notebook lethal evident.

The first announced quad-core processor, Core i7 using 45nm technology, including those for mainstream notebook Core i7-720QM, i7-820QM-oriented high-performance gaming notebook Core i7-920XM.

In 2010, Intel will release the next generation of R & D, code-named “Arrandale” mobile processors, including Core i3, i5, and i7 series.Acer Aspire 6920G battery In fact, Intel in the future will be the main push “Core (Core)” brand. In other words, the future of the notebook, the Core i3, i5, and i7 will cover a variety of price segment, will also become the basis for the notebook market growth.

Arrandale next release quad-core mobile processor integrated CPU and graphics processing functions, using 32-nanometer manufacturing process as well as the second-generation high-K metal gate transistors. The Arrandale processor will be equipped with a 32nm architecture of Westmere display CPU and Acer Aspire 7520G-502G25Mi battery a 45nm Core and North Bridge controller ICs.

Has released the mobile version of Core i7 processors with Core-frequency acceleration technology, Hyper-Threading Technology, up 3 8MB cache, integrated memory controller, built-in SSE4.2 instruction set and many other technological advantages. Evaluation data, and compared to the previous quad-core processor, i7 quad-core processor performance than previous Intel’s Q9000 series quad-core processors out of a lot stronger.

Can be expected is that the notebook market next year, will enter “i” times, whether it is 3D gaming audio-visual entertainment, or personality style, or a mobile office, will have “i” presence.

Prospect 3: CULV thin in this

Expectations index: ★ ★ ★ ★

CULV thin and light notebook market in 2009 has won a lot of attention is Acer Aspire 5910G battery on the market this year, one of the few bright spots. With the ultra low voltage Intel i5, i7 release of new processors, CULV platform, the performance of thin and light notebooks will also be further enhanced.

CULV notebooks are thin and light, portable, long battery life features. CULV generally control the weight of the notebook 2 kg within easy life can be 6-8 hours, some products can reach 10-12 hours.

On the other hand, CULV there is still thin and light notebook is slightly lower performance, the game can not satisfy the entertainment demands. However, the reason was able to CULV popular not because of performance, if the properties of stem Mody asked not to buy the mainstream dual-core alone has displayed in this?

May be other hand, is always hope that all the needs of the user can achieve the same product, at the same time will naturally be thin to meet the required performance. As already mentioned, with the release of the performance i5 processor, CULV thin and light notebook is bound to improve performance after use. In addition, CULV notebook to join one of the graphics card is also a trend, in fact, this year’s CULV related products have been on the market. In 2010, the market may appear more noticeable CULV thin in this unique mix of uses, which will Acer Aspire D150 battery become one of the factors attracting users.

From the use of point of view, the accelerated pace as society need to carry laptop users who travel extensively, more and more of the lightweight nature of these users will naturally be very high demands on the battery time to time and overall performance requirements are not reduced.

Prices, this year the mainstream notebook CULV in between 4,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan next year also there will be no major changes.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people are worried, CULV access to this notebook will step behind in the dust, there are a number of emerging brands or cottage manufacturers have begun to set foot CULV thin book, some people worry that the market would be do “stinky.” In fact, this concern is dispensable, because the key to look at the upstream chip manufacturers, as long as Intel and PC makers can be a good control over big, CULV market still has very good prospects.

It can be expected that next year’s CULV thin this will be more intense competition in the market, Intel released a new generation of low-voltage processors in the overall performance, power and endurance to continue to meet the needs of users, thin upper further enhanced. In addition, AMD has also greatly push the Neo low-voltage processors, the same face is thin and light notebook market, so next year will be more intense competition in the market, the outlook is no doubt that there are PC makers say, CULV thin and light notebooks have Acer Aspire 8930 battery occupied the notebook out of a total cargo share of 30 percent next year, this figure would be even higher.

Looking 4: One Computer

Expectations index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

One computer is not a new type of PC, but only a new type of PC, but not until the second half of 2008, the market is really concerned about being PC manufacturers, and some pick up in 2009.

ZDC provides the number of shows in 2008, only one or two PC vendors have introduced integrated computer products, but in the second quarter of 2009, the introduction of integrated manufacturer of computer products has reached 17, the fourth quarter of 2009, has reached 19, including Lenovo, Apple, Shenzhou, HP, Dell, Founder, Acer aspire 9500 battery Sony, Haier brand. The market in 2010 to launch the number one computer PC makers may not be substantial growth, as almost all manufacturers have now begun to move into this area. However, the number of products on one computer will be large-scale development.

From the number of products show that, in July 2008, the market only about 40 variety. By the fourth quarter of 2009, the market has been the number one PC over 100 models, is three to four times a year ago. This also shows more and more companies to follow up this market.

Concerned about the degree of respect, from July 2008 to the present, one concern has been on the computer on the rise. One computer users have a better understanding of have begun.

Speaking of users, one computer’s current location is mainly for the young and trendy high-end users, this part of the user is Acer Aspire 5920 battery also relatively higher incomes, such as private entrepreneurs, corporate owners, the pursuit of personal fashion young users.

In fact, apart from this part of the user, one computer there to open up a larger market. Educational and government agencies is the potential market, many government and educational institutions are currently still using the old desktop machine, because who is not willing to take the initiative to replace the peace Cou can use. If the PC makers to enter this market, there must be new discoveries.

On the other hand, one can actually facing the computer game market, game computer users do not consider buying one because of its lack of expandability, they still prefer to mix themselves with better performance of accessories to achieve satisfactory results. So for this part is used for the provision of adequate performance as long as the problem can be solved. In fact, PC makers have already launched a high-end gaming PCs together.

In addition, we even think that one computer in the rural market has great potential to one computer as a dowry is a good idea. In fact, some manufacturers have already put into action.

Future prospects of integrating the computer is owned character of its own decision. One computer integrated host configuration, on the whole is only a display. The benefits of this design is a small footprint, no longer have many data lines wound. From the exterior point of view, an integrated computer design fashion simple, integrated desktop computers are better than good-looking appearance. From the application point of view, one in fact to have an ordinary desktop computers owned by all of the functions, applications and more convenient operation.

The existing main problem is price, another one computer user awareness is not enough. Overall, with the development of related technologies, integrated computer next year, will further reduce the price of the product performance and design will be further enhanced.

An international PC makers head home computer even said that one computer in 2010 it is expected to have split the desktop world, but in the long run, one computer may eventually become a traditional desktop’s demise.

Outlook 5: Internet access in this

The end of this year Outlook: how could save the PC market in 2010-1

The end of  this year  inventory: In the conclusion of the PC market in 2009, several major keywords and, after several disappointing, today we see is a growth point in 2010, the market outlook, these increases would become a bright spot in next year’s PC market, but also to lead and promote the sales of the main strong point.

From the beginning of the beginning of the pursuit of high-priced high-distribution, Acer Aspire 5684WLMi battery to the subsequent low flame, and then to return to the final reason. Recalling the 2009 PC market, the whole process can be “crazy to the rational” to describe.

2009 PC market, CULV thin and light notebook is one of the few bright spots. Acer Aspire 7520 battery Lightweight, performance and endurance time to do all three, after a relatively good balance, CULV notebook products in the second half of 2009 set off a pursuit of boom, almost all of the major PC makers began to get involved.

The Internet industry, after a frenzied pursuit of low prices after the collapse of the cottage, but also into the rationality review. Manufacturers are no longer blindly fight low-cost, but pay more attention to the quality of the product itself.

In fact this is swinging back to the PC market in 2009 represents the process of development, on the one hand, consumers are increasingly rational choices of products and prices of maturity. On the other hand, PC manufacturers are also launching products and pricing more rational. In fact, the latter is based on the former, Acer Aspire 7520G-502G32MI battery depending on vendor product offerings and pricing but it is still based on consumer demand.

Outlook 2010 PC market, CULV thin and light notebooks and Internet access will continue to be the market growth. In addition, as technology and application development, integrated computers, touch screens and 3D technology will become the new growth bright spot.

Outlook 1: Dual-core single significant Notebook

Expectations index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The market in 2009, users are most concerned about dual-core notebook prices alone significantly the region Acer Aspire 5720 battery in between 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan. In fact, dual-core notebook has been a single significant focus of attention, but prices fell in 2009, after achieving even more attention. The market in 2010, the dual-core alone has displayed the mainstream notebook will be no major price changes, the most talked about is still 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan. In the case of constant price, performance will be further enhanced.

This year’s notebook market, with representatives of Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 notebook dual-core single significant swept the market, international brands and domestic brands are some Zhaojiabuzhu. In 2010, major PC makers will be further development of this market power, which is the users are most concerned about the market

From the consumer’s point of view, they have to buy PC products become more mature, the price is too low, would not buy it, and there will not be outrageous to buy, most still focus more on between 4000-6000 yuan, but the performance of can not discount, requiring dual-core plus a single significant.

On the other hand, at 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan price, although CULV will occupy part of the thin and light notebook market, Acer aspire 9100 battery but we are here talking about dual-core alone has displayed this refers to the mainstream notebooks. Although the CULV notebook performance, thin and light and life time have a better balance, but simply from a performance point of view, after all, and mainstream notebook can not be compared, so the mainstream dual-core notebook or a single significant majority choice. Of course, CULV thin and light notebook, after a further escalation in terms of performance, will attract many users, we will mention later.

From the product itself, i5, and i7 processors, Intel’s release, the single noticeable notebook dual-core performance will naturally become more prominent. Graphics cards, NVIDIA GT300 series and ATI 5000 series will also introduce a single remarkable performance, there will be a lot of improving, and the price will not be much higher, it will become the mainstream dual-core notebook comes standard with significant independence. In addition, mainstream dual-core notebook alone significantly large enough in size, but not very large; size and weight easy to carry, but it will not and the Internet is as thin as this, or CULV; performance is to meet the needs of all the daily work.

Gigabyte notebook pick nose ads lead to controversy

Gigabyte’s Booktop M1305 thin and light notebooks as early as June of this year’s Computex trade show, there had appeared, in November, this product is formally announced, after they did not the message.

Recently, Gigabyte come up with an upgrade Booktop M1305 notebook known way Acer Aspire 5683WLMi battery – advertising. However, Gigabyte Booktop M1305 notebook for the launch of the advertising poster “does not take an unusual way” can be said how disgusting how come meal time is not recommended viewing.

Obviously, through the pictures you can see the ad Gigabyte unique. Gigabyte Booktop M1305 notebook could be an external NVIDIA GeForce GT220 desktop graphics cards, to achieve increased performance. And pick their nose in the meaning of want to express is inserted, you will know how good. At least we can only interpret the meaning out of this, Acer Aspire 5710 battery otherwise you think?

Careful observation, three advertisements in the digging nose or differential manner.

Configuration, Booktop M1305 laptop using 1366 × 768 pixel 13.3-inch display, Acer Aspire D250 battery the maximum with 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard drive or 500GB hard drives configured using GS45 chipset, with 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and Bluetooth. With 2 USB2.0, 1 eSATA / USB, 1 HDMI, more than one-one card reader interface.

Will be paired with Windows 7 Home Premium Acer Aspire 7220 battery operating system, with Core 2 Duo, Pentium or Celeron processor version of the CULV. Booktop M1305 notebook form factor the size of 328.7mm × 230mm × 29.3mm, weighs 1.79 kilograms.

Only 1.39 kg weight ASUS UX30 notebook 4700

With the wave of ultra-thin and light notebooks driven bulky laptop can manipulate people to lose the fun, Acer Aspire 5610awlmi battery attentive people can easily see the same kinds of light and compact notebook to configure the more the higher prices. But now, Xiaobian we recommend a targeted specifically for the content on the Internet, on the application characteristics of ultra-thin and light notebooks – Asus UX30K723A, its thinnest Department actually only 6.8 millimeters, it is understood Beijing Hua Wei Heng Tong Technology business only 4700 yuan in ultra-low prices to sell Heart that this section of the value fashion Lady, configure Acer Aspire 5630 battery the mainstream, definitely worth the consumers to pay attention to.

Appearance parts: the machine, but the weight of 1.39 kilograms of fashion ASUS UX30KU27A, form measuring only 28 × 222 × 6.8-19.9mm. Acer Aspire 5103WLMiP120 battery Roof using metal wire drawing process designed to smooth out the slim outline of the arc panels and base, the overall style of minimalist fashion, amplified textures. In addition, ASUS UX30KU94A using mainstream 13-inch LED-backlit display, is equipped with a 1.3 million-pixel high-quality camera, not only satisfy consumer demand for exciting video effects, while 1366 × 768 screen resolution, the more users with a comfortable visual enjoyment.

Configuration, ASUS UX30K723A using Intel Celeron M ULV 723 Acer Aspire 5590 battery processor and 250GB hard drive and 2GB of memory, its equipped with a graphics chip Intel GMA X4500 integrated graphics, but also equipped with a Windows Vista Home Basic operating system, built-in stereo audio chip, its support for 802.11n wireless protocol, in particular, is equipped with an upgraded ASUS “Power4 Gear Hybird”, show the market model with an unmatched level of endurance can be. In addition, ASUS UX30K723A using a unique floating keyboard, with the more rigid style of keyboard feel in the actual input efficiency brings unique advantages, so that the entire control area is even more simple and neat, not only reduces the user knocking noise , but also underlines the UX30’s gorgeous atmosphere.

Interface connection, which is equipped with ASUS UX30K723A pro 3 USB2.0, 1 VGA, interface, an HDMI port, 1 RJ45, anti-noise microphone, Acer Aspire 5680 battery multi-card reader and a set of audio jacks. The network, then the built-in 10-100M Ethernet, as well as 802.11n wireless card, fully meet the needs of most users use. All the interfaces have adopted concealed, that is the specialized lid cover, dust, aesthetics.

Comments: Apple Macbook Air is very similar to the ASUS UX30K723A like to carry a thin layer of fashion magazines like light composure, if you was a need for frequent fashion mobile users, the premium compact, convenient to books, you more There is no reason to miss it.

How to distinguish whether the original laptop battery?

Q: Will Acer 3201battery how to distinguish whether the original? Sanyo Original Battery is not it? How to identify whether the machine has opened packages?

A: 1. You buy a notebook bag Cartoning is used with a “Acer Acer,” Acer Aspire 5310 battery the word sealing tape, if you are outside the box to open before the tape shows that the notebook has been opened the packaging has been opened.

2. First, if you are in our regular dealers to buy the machines, regardless of the machine, spare parts or accessories Acer Aspire 5632WLMi battery shall be as authentic. As for the battery ODM business Frankly we do not have checked the relevant information, your data should be seen from the BatteryMon bar.

With regard to genuine queries in two ways, 1, visit the Web site, check warranty books and passwords.

2, call our technical support hotline 010-68472233 queries directly on the machine serial number.

Note: Please note that the machine at the bottom of the COA label license Acer Aspire 5600 battery Microsoft’s operating system language version, if not Simplified Chinese, then you take notice.

3. If you first boot in Windows, you are prompted to create a user account, you indicate that you are not buying notebooks boot off.

4. Sunday was on duty, but on the battery’s serial number in the system is finding out, Acer Aspire 5500 battery you can put the machine serial number reported to us at the same time, let her help you advice on that.