learn to use logic operator

Imagine if a stranger suddenly come to you to you, ask a way: “Beijing”, how would you answer? Most people will feel puzzling, then asked the man to bottom again to ask “Beijing” which side of things. Also, if you in the search engine to enter a key words “Beijing”, search engines also don’t know [...]

The network game

Communication and entertainment is the person’s nature, where someone, where is full of entertainment and into the stream. The game is communication and entertainment, since the most direct form of human presence will be a beginning exist. The game both for an adult or a child has a very attractive.

China public computer Internet

Overall, China’s network has formed the scale, can satisfy people’s life and work requirements. Our country the network’s existing pattern is: Chinese computer the Internet has form  into backbone, regional nets and provinces and cities and regions three-layer structure of the network. China is the backbone of five house approved by the government approved the [...]

A network times

In the 1990 s to really show ZhengRong network connections technology, human society to the development of the information age stepped the most important step, it has the historical role of the human in electronics more than many of the major field invention (such as vacuum tubes, TV, radar, semiconductor, transistors, integrated circuit, microcomputer and [...]

agreement system

Agreement as the importance of the network basis, and the development come a long process. As the development of the industrialization of human seriously, and standardization for the development of the network has played a very important role.

Network of historical -2

Since the virtual space has become a part of the human society living space, so for people in the virtual space within the constraints must act, this involves to the definition of Internet crime.
Undoubtedly, the network crime since is a crime, it inevitably has the basic of crime

Communication medium

The communication medium is used for computer network and the connection between the signal transmission, and realize the media.
The communication medium can be divided into two categories: cable medium and wireless medium. Cable transmission medium is using of cable or optical fiber cable conductor transmission interface as the transmission quality, such as twisted pair, coaxial [...]

Network of historical

1. The founder of network times to “three scientists and a meeting in the development of the network, have to remember that there are three key scientists and an international conference.
The first is WanNi watts’ bush (Vannevar bush). Roosevelt in 1940 WanNi tile, total all invited to join the bush U.S. defense research council and [...]

Spear and the shield against

“Truman have Yu shield and spear, the reputation of yue:” my shield Kennedy, of things can not commit. “and also the spear yue:” throughout my spear of the thing all do. Also in “or yue:” with the spear stuck son, the son of the shield, see? ‘, the person can also. “should be the ephod
This [...]


job, this is the key of the Internet equipment. What is the routing? The so-called routing is in the process of network routing. The Internet the most basic of the communication mechanism is packet switching. We and the Internet for all communication is a group in the form of network layer sends, each grouping belt [...]

From the network security threats – network

(1) 1998 years of the virus
This virus outbreak in June 1998 in Taiwan, is considered the most dangerous, one of the most destructive computer virus. Worldwide the $2000 80 million loss. 

From the network security threats – network sniffing

(1) the destination unreachable message
Source host to a target address them, send data in the routing table if router can’t find to change the destination address and its path at this time for the purpose of data, the address is unreachable, the router to source host returns ICMP destination unreachable, notice the time away interest [...]